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Fan The FullMetal Flame!

Roy Mustang and Edward Elric Fanfiction Challenge Community

RoyxEd Challenge Community <3
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Anybody , Moderated

Do you enjoy Royxed? "Hai!"

Or perhaps... Edxroy? "Hai, HAI!!"

Or maybe even a lovely mixture of both? *is but a puddle*

Do you feel the need to be challenged as a writer in your chosen fandom? nods!

Well, then you've wandered into the correct place!

This is a challenge community strictly after the likes of a certain Fullmetal, and a certain Flame alchemist. Is there a challenge you would like to give? Something you've always wanted to see written? Ready to take on someone else's? Then join us for a round!

1) Requests, in the form of three keywords and one line of dialogue, may be submitted from the 1st to the 5th of the month, to that particular month's post. (Your replies, of course, shall be screened!)

2) Exchanges will be randomly made. (I will take care of this, and deliver your challenge back to you by the 6th in the same secret way.)

3) Ficcies must be a minimum of 500 words long, there is no maximum. And obviously, must be RoyxEd!

4) Completed fics should be posted to THIS community (no links or fake-cuts) from the 25th to the end of the month. No earlier, and please try not to be late. And please do not post it anywhere else until AFTER you have posted to this community!

4.5) Should unexpected problems arise, it is your responsibility to inform both myself, and the person you are writing for--BEFORE the deadline has passed. If your fic is late, you must still write and submit it as soon as possible. Tardiness does not let you off the hook.

5) There is no obligation to participate each month, it’s come as you are. However, if you make a request, you must accept a request in turn.

6) Requests can be submitted to me, scarlet_malfoy, by email, or by post, as stated above.

7) And just remember to have tons of fun while writing! Can be angsty, fluffy, flangsty, dark, action, pwp, ANYTHING you wish, as long as those three keywords and line of dialogue are present! Weee!

And when you're posting your written challenge, pretty please remember to include this template:
Word Count:
Beta Acknowledgement:**

*WARNING: Some postings in this community may be adult in nature. Pay attention to the ratings given and, if you aren't the within the age of majority for your country, please stay clear.

**While having your fic beta read is not exactly required, it is highly recommended.

Don't forget to check outThe Submission Master List!!

Oh, and... I hope you don't mind that I'm going to friend you all! I would love to have a close-knit, friendly fun community. Very laid back here, don't feel afraid to post any questions or comments. Just please, no spamming, and thank you! <3

This community has been created and styled after the Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Community, miettes_desmots. Thank you very much to anyotherknight for allowing me to re-use her wonderful idea! *loves!*

Thank you dragonalchemist for the amazing layout! ^_^
Thank you techno_beat for the icon!! Yippee!! :)
And thank you vanilla_scream for the banners! <3

Pretty pretty banner...*pets*