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Like Moths to Flame - Chapter 3

TITLE: Like Moths to Flame – Chapter 3
A/N: Chapter 3 of a new series I started although “The Flame” is still ongoing. I have a BETA! Yay! Thank you to atsuitano who not only wanted to BETA my work but is willing to put up with my craziness.
Note: There are characters in Xing that are of my own imagination for making of an interesting storyline. Prince Ling Fans, he is here! Enjoy! Comments always welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.
BETA by: atsuitano

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

He kept the rhythm of long deep thrusts inside the warmth that he claimed as his own. So tight and perfect was this sweet heaven of love. Longer and deeper he continued, never wanting to stop the passion of the moment. No one would have the love that was now his. What he had finally found, he would die before it would ever be taken away. Smooth, fast and steady he continued as sweat dripped down his body till he came inside the sweetness.

He spooned Edward tight so he could stay inside him as they lay in the afterglow of love. Edward loved this part as much as he did. When he was inside Edward he felt perfect, full and complete. Never in all his life had he found what he had wanted... until now, so unexpected and so perfect.

Edward held Roy tight inside him. When Roy was inside him he felt perfect, full and complete. Never in all his life had he found what he had wanted... until now, so unexpected and so perfect.

“Roy, that was incredible.”

“Yes, it was and still is, my love.”

“I love the feel of you inside me.”

“I love being inside you.”

Roy kissed the back of Edward’s neck and shoulder’s, as they remained joined as one. His hands found Edward’s wet and semi-hard cock and stroked it back to hardness as he slowly began to move inside Ed once again. “May I?”


He stroked Edward’s cock to the rhythm of his slow and steady thrusts. He kissed Edward’s shoulders as he continued to pump inside his lover. “So good … oh god, baby,” moaned Roy, continuing the steady fucking.

“Haa …. aaah … yes … oh yeah,” cried Edward, feeling Roy deeper inside him, wanting more and more.

Roy touched Ed’s slit, “Mmm, spilling out for me already.”

“Yeah, oh yes. Fuck me, Roy!”

He rolled on his back to allow Edward to sit on his cock. Once comfortable, he spoke to his lover, “Baby I am completely inside you. Ride me as you wish.”

Roy stroked Edward’s cock nice and steady while the boy found his own rhythm. “Oh Ed,” moaned Roy as the boy rode him with perfect speed and control. He watched as his cock moved in and out of Ed’s hot ass in perfect rhythm to Ed’s movement. “Yes baby, oh so good, so fucking good.”

“Roy … ah … haa …”

“Yes …”

“Come when I do … please,” groaned Ed as he quickened his pace.

“Yes … mmmm … my love …” moaned Roy as his hands moved to Ed’s hips to steady their passion. Ed took his own cock in his hand and began to stroke himself to their rhythm.
Roy sat up and pressed his chest to Ed’s back as Ed arched into Roy in pure heat and pleasure. “Now, baby …” said Roy breathless.

“Aaah … yes,” cried Ed as their passion simultaneously erupted.

Fulfilled, Roy slowly positioned Ed so he could spoon him comfortably while he remained inside his lover. He held the blonde tightly against his chest, kissing the sweet neck and shoulders. “My beautiful Edward … I love you,” sighed Roy through breathless kisses.

Edward felt his face begin to blush at the revelation of beauty and love. No one ever told him that they loved him—well, except for his mom-- and the only one who ever called him beautiful was Roy’s eccentric uncle whom Ed had just met. Surely Roy was not thinking straight, because he was far from beautiful with a scarred and half-metal body. Still not knowing how to respond to this compliment, he took one of Roy’s hands in his and kissed it. He then snuggled closer to Roy, holding him deep within.

“Edward, please don’t get upset by what I am going to tell you until after I finish what I have to say. Promise.”

“Why would I get upset?”

“Well I was just thinking that I hope you stay the size you are now and not get any taller.”

“Okay … why is that relevant right now?”

“Because, my beauty, you are a perfect size right now to cuddle, snuggle, love and be inside,” sighed Roy as his right hand began to trace Ed’s nipples softly while his left caressed the soft inner thighs.

“Well, I guess I can’t argue with that,” smiled Edward as he held Roy a little tighter within.

“Mmmm, if you keep that up we may never get any sleep tonight,” smiled Roy, kissing the soft blonde mane.

“I really liked your uncle.”

“Okay, where did that come from?”

“Not that I am not enjoying this right now; I just think he is really nice. At first he kind of pissed me off when he called me his “little beauty,” but I see that is his way of showing his love for people like when he calls you “nephew” or “my sweet”.

“You are correct, Edward, he has always loved me as if I were one of his own, and when he gave you a pet name right away, I knew he adored you.”

“Roy, he didn’t judge me, or my auto-mail or “us” and he even knew I wasn’t a girl.”

“Uncle is very perceptive and he always believed in following your heart. I guess because he never really did, but admired my father for doing so.”

“I don’t understand.”

“My uncle, if you haven’t already figured it out, is very eccentric and very gay.”

“I got the eccentric part but gay? Roy that is ridiculous he has like what fifteen kids.”


“So how can he be gay and have a wife and children?”

“When my father left everything to my uncle, he did it for two reasons. Number one, to give uncle the honor and prestige that he felt he deserved. Number two, to shun their parents for always treating Uncle Kido like a mistake to have been born.”

“Why did they treat him that way?”

“People fear things that are different,” smiled Roy holding Ed’s auto-mail hand in his and kissed it. “You understand that, and Uncle always was a bit more feminine than his parents liked. Father and uncle were very close and he looked out for uncle’s future as well as his own. That is why he did what he did.”

“But if your uncle was gay why did he agree to marry a woman?”

“Because that is what is acceptable, and he had to produce an heir or two... or fifteen,” laughed Roy. “However, that did not stop uncle from taking his usual male lovers throughout the years.”

“So he married a woman but dates men?”

“Yes. He is considered bisexual, although his wife does know of his male lovers. She will not deny my uncle his pleasures, for she would be the one to lose the most, not him, as he is a man of great power.”

“What about you?”

“Me? What about me?”

“Are you bisexual?”

“No, I am Ed-sexual,” laughed Roy, nibbling Ed’s neck.

“Roy, I am trying to be serious!”

“Yes, my love, I am. Because of my status in the military, it is acceptable that I date women. However, I never take any relationship beyond the first few dates because it is not what I truly want.”

“What do you truly want?” asked Ed cautiously.

“Exactly what I am holding right now, nothing more, nothing less,” smiled Roy nuzzling his face in Edward’s blonde hair.

“So you really meant what you said earlier?”

“That I love you?”


“Yes, I do.”

“Good, because I do too,” smiled Edward as he held Roy tighter inside him, wrapping his arms over Roy’s, closing them in tighter.


The fresh morning breeze was cool and inviting as the loving couple slept in a little later than anticipated. Breakfast was brought to their suite along with two beautiful blue matching Kimonos and fresh towels.

Roy was the first to awaken to the morning light, still inside his lover, still holding him tight. He placed butterfly kisses on Ed’s face, neck and shoulders slowly arousing his lover.

“If you keep that up, you will get yourself into trouble,” yawned the sleepy blonde in his arms.

“Good trouble or bad trouble?”

“Both,” smiled Edward as he squeezed Roy tight inside him arousing his lover even more.

“Just what I wanted for breakfast,” moaned Roy as they took each other ravenously.


“I take it our guests have not arisen yet,” scoffed the young prince.

“No, they have not, and might I remind you to be on your best behavior during their stay,” remarked the Emperor.

“Why should I? That miserable half-breed pretend-prince doesn’t belong here.”


“Do not refer to your cousin in that manner ever again! Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir,” said the annoyed prince, rubbing his sore cheek.

“Ling, you may be my son and an heir to this throne, but it does not mean that I have to give it to you.”

“What do you mean by that, father?”

“Royaku is the rightful heir to this throne, but since he has chosen another life, you and your siblings become heirs apparent. Much to my disappointment, as none of you are worthy of this title.”

“What is it about Royaku that makes you favor him over your own children?”

“I do not favor him over you and your siblings. I feel a great deal of responsibility for him, as he has lost so much in his life and still manages to be happy. However... you have been given everything you could desire, and you still require more.”

“Call it a weakness.”

“Yes, a weakness of character. While Royaku and his fiancé are staying with us, I expect you to be civil and accepting of Royaku’s future wife.”

“You mean there is actually someone out there who wants to spend their life with that mixed breed?”


“Have I made myself clear this time?” the Emperor demanded.



“Are you ready yet?”

“Will you calm down, Roy? Didn’t you say you wanted me to look presentable?”

“Presentable, yes, but you have been in there for a …”

The thought was interrupted once Edward walked into the room. “Edward, you look …”

“Stupid, I know,” frowned the blonde.

“No, no, no … beautiful,” smiled Roy, taking his lover in his arms and kissing him close.

“Are you sure I look okay?”

“Ah, my little beauty, you are breathtaking,” smiled the Emperor as he entered their suite. “Please pardon my intrusion, nephew.”

“Uncle! Good morning,” smiled Roy planting a kiss on his uncle’s cheek and giving him a huge bear hug. “How could you ever be an intrusion?”

“Well, that is good to hear... as your cousin seems to think I am most annoying,” scowled the Emperor.


“Of course; who else could give me heartburn so early in the morning? Nephew, would you allow me the pleasure of greeting your little beauty this morning?”

“Of course you can, uncle,” smiled Edward as he let the big burly man pick him up into a bear hug. Roy could see how much Ed respected his uncle and was glad that he had taken to the man, as he knew how wary Ed always was of strangers.

“You are truly a beauty to behold,” smiled the Emperor as he placed Edward back on the floor and ran his fingers in the long blonde ponytail. “You shall make my nephew very happy.”

“He already has, uncle.”

“Obviously, since you two have not emerged from this room since last evening. I take it you were engaging in the unbridled love and passion that only few of us ever get to enjoy...”


“What?! You should never be ashamed of your love for one another, Royaku. It is beautiful and refreshing.”

“I didn’t say I was ashamed.”

“Ah, but seeing you two makes me long for my male lover for a night of long, deep …”

“Okay, uncle... we get the picture,” smiled Roy.

“I imagine you do,” giggled the Emperor like a schoolgirl.

“Sometimes I wonder why I put up with your eccentric ways.”

“That is because you are a lot like me, nephew. You appreciate beauty when you see it, indulge in love when you find it and appreciate the simple things in life.”

“I suppose I do,” smiled Roy.

“Yes, you do,” smiled Edward, hugging his newfound love.

“Little beauty, I have a question that I must ask you.”

“What is that sir, I mean uncle?”

“How is he in the romance department?”


“I am asking the little beauty, not you... so go over there.”

“What-- and pretend you two are not discussing my sexual ability?”

Ignoring Roy’s outburst Ed smiled and replied, “His romance is okay, I guess. I mean, he hasn’t given me flowers or anything yet.”

“Wait a minute! You don’t like it when I get mushy and …”

“Please do not interrupt, nephew, it is most unbecoming of a prince,” smirked the Emperor.

“But …”

“Ah ah; now go on, my little beauty.”

“Well, like I said, his romance is okay. I mean, the snuggling and kissing are wonderful. But he hasn’t really swept me off my feet just yet,” smirked Edward. “Then he had the nerve to complain that my breasts were too small.”

“He did not say such a thing to my little beauty?”

“Yes, he did, uncle,” sniffed Edward mockingly. “But he thought better of it once he tasted them.”

“I can’t believe this!” sighed Roy.

“Did he now?”

“Yes, after he sucked them for a while he told me they were the perfect size for me.”

“What about the, uh …”

“Oh, the sex?”

“Yes, my little beauty; how is he in bed?”

“Fucking incredible!”

“He’s that good?!”

“Not good, uncle, he is unbelievable; passionate and loving. He is perfect in every way. I wouldn’t change a thing,” smiled Ed as he turned to take Roy’s arm possessively.

“I love you,” smiled Roy as he kissed his lover’s soft lips.

“Beautiful. Absolutely a vision to see,” smiled the Emperor. “Come, let us go have lunch in my private dining room. Little beauty?”

“Yes, uncle?”

“You will let me know when you wish to borrow my whip and chains?”

“Oh, I will, uncle... I most definitely will,” smirked Ed as Roy rolled his deep onyx eyes in


“Your highness, I wish you would calm down.”

“Calm down! How would you suggest I do that when my father’s favorite pet has arrived to make my life miserable?” grumbled Prince Ling.

“How will this person make you miserable?” asked Ran Fan, Ling’s loyal companion.

“I have never gotten along with my older cousin, who is a prince but chooses not to be. He hasn’t lived here in the palace for years but comes back and is treated as though he never left.”

“You mean you have a cousin who is visiting that you dislike? I do not understand why you feel threatened.”

“Simple! He is the only child of my father’s deceased brother, and he has always treated Royaku as one of his own. When Royaku is here it is like we no longer exist as far as father is concerned.”

“I cannot believe that the Emperor would actually snub his own children.”

“For Prince Royaku, he will do anything.”


The trio entered the emperor’s private dining area to find an elaborate table of various fish, rice, noodles, and vegetables, to name only a few. There was also a very generous assortment of desserts that delighted Edward, who was amazed at the delicious spread before them.

“Do you eat like this all the time?” asked Edward.

“I know-- it is a bit much, don’t you think, little beauty?”

“Oh no, it’s great, really,” smiled Edward.

“Uncle, I fear I should tell you that when it comes to food, Edward seems to have a bottomless stomach,” smirked Roy.

“I do not!”

“You do, too!”

“Now, now, my beauties. There is plenty for us and much more,” smiled the Emperor as he led them to the table and soft luxurious cushions on the floor. The Emperor sat at the head of the table and made sure that Edward sat on his right for he knew Roy would be on the other side of his lover as he should always be.

“Uncle, I am hurt; you seem to want to spend more time with my fiancé than with me”, sighed Roy.

“Oh, no, my sweet; not at all. I just enjoy little beauty’s innocence and wonder. It most intrigues me,” smiled the Emperor as he began to serve them tea and each a plate of rice, fish and vegetables.

“Uncle, let us help ourselves,” suggested Roy.

“Don’t you have servants for this?” asked Edward.

“Oh, them,” frowned the Emperor, “Well, sometimes, my little beauty, I like the peace and quiet of enjoying time spent with my family without interruption. So please, indulge this old man in a few little pleasures.”

“Uncle, you are far from old. I think it is your young men that you lust and fawn over that keeps you this way,” smiled Roy.

“Very perceptive, my sweet. That is true I do love my male lovers, but it will be your cousin that will be the death of me.”

“Who is that?” asked Edward.

“My little beauty, I have many sons; and it is my youngest, who is about your age, that if I could I would throw him to the wolves. But I am not that evil. I suggest that you stay away from my son Ling, as he can corrupt the most beautiful and innocent. He also has a huge dislike for my nephew, just so you are aware.”

“That doesn’t surprise me that he dislikes Roy, many people do,” smirked Edward.

“Thanks a lot!”

“Roy, you didn’t let me finish!”

“Yes, nephew, let him finish. We all know that you can be a pompous ass. Now go on my little beauty.”

“I actually thought I couldn’t stand him until we took this trip. Then once I got to know him better and, well, I …” blushed Edward.

“What, my little beauty?”

“I didn’t realize how much I loved him more than I disliked him.”

“What changed your opinion of him?”

“Must have been that blow job I gave him,” smirked Roy.


“Come on, Edward, admit it... you enjoyed it.”

“Well, okay, yes. It was that and the fact that I saw a more tender and caring side to Roy that I never knew existed. I always saw the pompous ass bastard, never the loving side. After I did, I kind of fell in love with him,” smiled Edward as he snuggled next to Roy.

“By the way, uncle, Edward hates to cuddle.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true.”

“Okay, so it WAS true,” grinned an embarrassed Edward “Now I can’t get enough of you.”

“No need to be embarrassed, my little beauty. It is a beautiful thing to see.”

“And a more beautiful thing to take part in, uncle,” smiled Roy as he kissed Edward softly.

“I love you, Roy,” smiled Edward.

“I love you, too,” sighed Roy, kissing Edward again.

“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the sights,” sighed the Emperor.

“Sorry, sir,” blushed Ed.

“Edward, he is far from sorry, trust me. Uncle Kido is not only getting his thrills from watching us, but also planning what he will do with his lover tonight.”

“Oh stop, what makes you think that I have any plans for this evening nephew?”

“Because you are a real shitty liar.”

“There are only two people in this world that ever understood me, one was your father and the other was you, my sweet nephew. It is such a joy to have you here to share my private moments and secrets with.”

“You know you can always trust me, uncle,” said Roy getting up to go hug his uncle. “I never say it very much, but I love you and miss you when I am not here.”

“Oh, my sweet Royaku, I couldn’t love you more even if you were my own son.”

“Okay, if it gets any sweeter in here I think I will get a toothache,” complained Edward.

“He just a little jealous because I left his side for a moment. You know he doesn’t like cuddling,” laughed Roy returning to Edward’s side to envelope him in his arms once again.


“Well said, my little beauty!”

“See? Uncle agrees with me,” smirked Edward, sticking out his tongue to Roy. Roy was too fast, and took Ed’s tongue in his mouth for another delicious kiss.

“I hate to bring up business, uncle, while we are having such delicious private moments. But I would like to discuss the real reason we are here,” sighed Roy.

“I understand, my sweet, for this has been quite enjoyable. It appears that my son Ling has been searching for something that I fear is dangerous and could cause serious problems for us all.”

“What has he been up to now?”

“He is looking for what I believe is called the Philosopher’s Stone.” Edward choked upon hearing this revelation. “Are you alright, my little beauty?” asked the Emperor, handing Edward a glass of water.

“Thank you,” replied Edward, taking a sip. “Yes, I am okay. Are you sure he is looking for the Stone?”

“Have you heard of this Stone?”

“Yes, uncle, we have,” replied Roy “If Ling is looking for this stone there definitely will be trouble ahead.”

“That is what I feared.”

“What could he possibly want with the Philosopher’s Stone?” thought Ed aloud.

“You haven’t met Ling yet, Edward, but once you do, you will understand.”

“What does that mean?”

“What Royaku means to say is that my son is very ambitious, selfish and greedy. This Stone must have some significance, otherwise he would not be so eager to find it.”

“How did you find out that he was looking for the Stone?” asked Edward.

“Although the prince does have his own personal bodyguards who are loyal to him, many are still very loyal to me and keep me informed of his whereabouts and goings on. It is through one of them, who will remain nameless at this point, who revealed my son’s intentions.”

“We will do what we can to help, uncle. That is why we are here.”

“Speaking of why we are here, how long do I have to pretend to be a girl?” grumbled Ed.

“Not for much longer, my little beauty; for if I know my son well enough, he will figure out that you are not a woman. So when you do meet him …”

“Avoid him at all costs and act like the shy, QUIET fiancé I instructed you to be on the train,” smiled Roy planting a kiss on his lover’s cheek.

“Is this a private dinner, or am I invited?” announced the prince entering the room.

“Well, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we crossed paths,” mumbled Roy.

“It is nice to see you again as well, cousin,” smirked Ling as he made his way around the table to sit directly across from Edward. “Who might this delicious blonde be?” asked Ling, licking his lips hungrily.

“This little beauty is your cousin’s fiancé, Elizabeth.”

“Elizabeth, is it? Nice name.”

“Thank you,” mumbled Ed putting his head down and taking Roy’s arm.

“Yeah, whatever,” replied Ling, eyeing the blonde beauty seductively.


“Yes, father?”

“Please state your business and then take your leave, as I am entertaining.”

“Well, it is only Royaku... not like it’s anyone important,” scoffed the prince.

Slamming his hand on the table and startling Edward, the Emperor directed his anger toward his son. “You will not act disrespectful to your cousin or his fiancé. Didn’t I make myself perfectly clear earlier today, or do you need a good reminding?”

“No, sir.”

“Well …”

Ling rose and moved toward Edward and Roy. Bowing to Roy he said, “My apologies, cousin, for my rude behavior.”

“Apology accepted.”

Ling then took ‘Elizabeth’s’ flesh hand into his as he noted that she was holding onto Roy with her other arm. “My apologies, beautiful,” smiled Ling seductively as he kissed ‘her’ hand then turned it palm up to lick and kiss, which gave Ed the creeps.

“Thank you,” smiled Edward, removing his hand from the prince’s grasp and moving in closer to Roy.

“Now that you have made your apologies, you may leave,” remarked the Emperor.

“Yes, father,” smiled Ling as he bent over Edward to get a fresh strawberry tart, making sure that the beautiful blonde felt his hard cock as he pressed into her back gently. Smiling, he took both the dessert and his leave from their presence.

“So that was, uh, Ling?” asked Ed in disgust.

“Yes, unfortunately it was,” sighed Roy.

“No offense, uncle, but, um … he gives me the creeps,” shuddered Ed.

“No offense taken, my little beauty. He is a bit of a challenge to deal with, as Royaku will tell you. But you have nothing to worry about, my sweet. I will make sure that he will not have the opportunity to bother you while you are here.”

Somehow, that did not seem to comfort Edward at all.



“I am here, your highness, what is wrong?”

“Nothing! Everything is perfect! Better than I could have planned myself,” laughed the prince.


“Yes, really. I have finally figured out how to destroy my cousin once and for all! With your help, of course.”

“How will we do that?”

“By defiling what is most dear and precious to him, his beautiful blonde bride,” laughed Ling deviously.


And calling curses down, from my lips lies like poison spill
And then that awful sound, the sound of prophecy fulfilled
And then I met your eyes, and I remember everything
And something in me dies, the night that I betrayed my king.

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