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Like Moths to Flame - Chapter 2

TITLE: Like Moths to Flame – Chapter 2
A/N: Chapter 2 of a new series I started although “The Flame” is still ongoing. Note: There are characters in Xing that are of my own imagination for making of an interesting storyline. Enjoy! Comments always welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

There was a knock on the door. What time is it thought Roy as he stirred in the bed. He moved away from the warm body snuggling next to him and sat up in bed. His head began to swim from the prior evenings alcoholic adventure. He steadied himself to put on a robe to cover his naked body and went to answer the door.

"I'm coming," announced Roy to the knocking or was it the pounding in his head. He answered the door to his private train car to find a waiter with a breakfast tray decorated with elaborate proportions.

"Good morning sir," smiled the waiter, "Breakfast for you and your betrothed this morning compliments of the Captain."

"Thank you very much," smiled Roy getting his wallet to give the waiter several sens.

"Oh no sir. It has been my pleasure to serve you and your lovely lady," nodded the waiter closing the door behind him.

Roy opened the cover of one of the dishes and smelled freshly cooked eggs, bacon, biscuits, jam and fresh fruit. He realized that he was a bit hungry and took a piece of bacon and a sip of milk. Milk smiled Roy deviously as he took the breakfast tray to the bedroom to wake up sleeping beauty.

He entered the bedroom where a sound asleep blonde was cuddled up in a ball alone. Why not thought Roy as he placed the tray on the nearby table and disrobed joining the blonde in bed once again.

He pressed against Edward's bare back and wrapped his arms around the boy as he watched him uncurl and snuggle up against Roy comfortably once again. Roy wondered if Ed knew just who he was snuggling against as he suddenly turned to snuggle against Roy's chest breathing softly on Roy's neck. Oh shit thought Roy as he felt the familiar stirrings awakening. He stroked the long blonde hair and kissed Ed's forehead enjoying the silence and comfort of the moment.

"Mmmm," moaned Edward as he pressed closer to Roy's body and slipped a leg over Roy's hips. "You are so good to me Al."

"Thank you, but it's Roy not Al," smiled Roy wickedly.

Ed's eyes shot open to awareness that he was in a very compromising position in bed with Roy Mustang and that they were both very naked. He jumped out of Roy's embrace and grabbed the covers to hide his nakedness. "What the fuck were you doing?"

"Me? Why am I suddenly the guilty party?"

"You bastard! What did you do to me last night," shreiked Edward.

"Nothing that you didn't beg for last night," smirked Roy laying out on the bed to purposely expose his nakedness.

"Oh my gaa... you, you're naked!"

"Well yes that usually happens the morning after sex."

"WHAT! You mean we, we ..."

"No we didn't. Not completely. Give me some credit Edward I am not a complete bastard. I do have enough class and respect not to take advantage of a drunk, horny, naked and very willing boy, excuse me, young man in my bed."

"Well put some clothes on will you, I mean you are naked for crying out loud," said Edward now turning about six different shades of red.

"Why should I? What are you so embarrassed about we both have the same plumbing. Just some of us are smaller than others,” smirked Roy as Edward made sure his manhood was not exposed.

“I, I am not small, down there,” stuttered Edward.

“Yes I know,” winked Roy. “Anyway it's early and we are on vacation. Besides it was you who told me I was way too overdressed last night as you so eagerly removed every stitch of my clothing."

"No I didn't."

"Oh yes you did."

"Oh no I di … oh ga … what ... what, what else did I do?" asked a fearful Edward while he tried by the hardest to avoid looking at the naked Colonel lying next to him.

"Relax Edward all we did was kiss, hug and you got a very enjoyable blow job," smiled Roy.

"Oh, oh no..." sighed Edward as he dropped his face into his hands trying to hide his embarrassement.

Roy sat up and tried to comfort the boy knowing he was extremely embarrassed. "Edward it is fine really. Please don't be embarrassed. What happened last night we both wanted and when it is right we will take it further if you still want me to be your first."

"You mean I even told you that I am still a virgin!" cried Edward, "Oh no, I think I'm going to be sick."

Roy watched as the blonde ran into the bathroom more out of being hung over than fear. After a few moments of hearing Edward wretch uncontrollably he went into the bathroom to see Edward worshipping the porcelain god. He went to the sink to wet a washcloth then knelt next to Edward pressing the cool wash cloth on the boy's face. "Are you all right?" said Roy soothingly as he moved the blonde locks out of Edward's face.

"Roy, please kill me, set me on fire, do something, anything would feel better than this," cried Edward as another wave of nausea erupted his insides.

"Edward you will be fine, you are just hung over. I promise I won't leave you I am right here," smiled Roy holding back the blonde locks as Edward worshipped the porcelain god once again.

Once the moment had passed Roy prepared a cool shower for the two of them. "Come on Edward let me help you up," smiled Roy as he held the dizzy boy entering the shower together. Edward was breathing heavy from the last episode and held onto the shower wall for dear life. Roy in the meantime slowly washed Ed's hair and body trying not to move Ed too abruptly and bring back the nausea.

After they were both clean Roy toweled Ed dry and helped him sit on the toilet while he dried himself watching the boy carefully.

"Thank you," mumbled Ed.

"You are very welcome," smiled Roy.

"I mean you didn't have to do this."

"Edward I was young once too you know and I wish I had someone to help me the first time I was hung over."

"You are not going to hold this over my head will you?"

"No I won't, not this time," smirked Roy.


"I know I get better at it every day don't I?"

Rolling his amber eyes to the last comment he began to giggle and then laugh uncontrollably.

"What's so funny?"

"If I knew that being your "fiance" would have gotten me a blow job and a pampered morning shower I should have jumped your bones years ago."

"Oh is that so?"

"Yep. You still are a bastard Roy Mustang but a total sap for a hot blonde like me," smirked Edward as he preceded Roy into the bedroom but not before Roy smacked the tight ass attached to the smug blonde with a semi wet towel. "Oww, what the fuck was that for?"

"My own personal pleasure."


"And a damn sexy one at that," winked Roy.

"Aaarrgghh!" screamed Ed as he sulked into the bed once again.

"You know what Edward?"


"You do have the finest ass I have ever laid eyes upon."

"Ah ha so that is why you spanked it, you want it and you know it's hot," smiled Edward.

"If you keep wiggling it like that I will do more than just spank it," winked Roy.

"I'd like to see you try."

Roy laughed at the last comment as he brought over the tray of food knowing the young alchemist was never one to miss a meal. "Hungry?"

"Oh honey did you order breakfast in bed for us?"

"Well I would have IF I had gotten laid last night but since I didn't this is compliments of the Captain. He heard that out he has a newly happily engaged couple on board his train."

"You mean I would only have gotten breakfast in bed from you IF I fucked you?"

"Yes it's true I am that much of a selfish bastard."

"Some husband you will turn out to be," growled Edward taking some bacon and eggs from the plate they would be sharing. "Why is there only one plate?"

"Because we are in love and we share everything."

"Don't make me sick again."

"You really are quite entertaining Edward. I must say I never quite expected a morning like this."

"What do you mean by entertaining?"

"When you want to you can be very pleasant company. I mean that seriously."

"Thank you, I think."

"You are very welcome. Here try this," as Roy fed Edward a fresh biscuit with strawberry jam and butter on it.

"That is good."

"I don't know all of your eating habits Edward but Xing has alot of excellent cuisines you may like to sample."

"As long as there isn't any milk in any of them."

"Well no worries I already drank the glass of milk so you can have the juice and some coffee," smiled Roy pouring them each a cup.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what pour us coffee?"

"No, drink the milk and give me the juice?"

"Because that is what you do when you care about someone. You put their needs ahead of your own," smiled Roy leaning over to plant a kiss on Ed's forehead.

They finished breakfast in silence then Roy took the empty tray to the outer room for room service to pick up.

He returned to the room seeing a blushing Edward touch his forehead where Roy had just kissed. He went to his side of the bed and stretched lazily knowing Ed was trying to avoid eye contact with him especially cause they were both still very naked.

"I don't know about you Edward but I feel like being lazy today," yawned Roy.

"So what's new about that, you are lazy every day Colonel."

"Very funny. What I meant was sleep away the day as we have another three days ahead of us on the train before we reach Xing so why not just relax."

"Well, ok if you say so Colonel. My head still kinda hurts."

"It will feel better after you get a little more sleep," smiled Roy brushing back the blonde hair.

"Just you stay on your side of the bed this time."

"Aww and I so wanted to cuddle."


"All right I'll stay over here by myself. All alone," sniffed Roy jokingly.

A few moments of silence passed by as Roy was drifting off to sleep when he felt a small warm body snuggled up against his back. Smiling he turned to take Edward in his arms as they drifted off to sleep.


The remaining time on the train was quite enjoyable for the pair as Edward and Roy were able to come to some kind of sleeping arrangement. Edward continued to avoid Roy's sexual advances and cuddling each night to Roy's disappointment. Strangely enough once the bedroom was quiet Edward once again pressed against Roy letting Roy know without words that yes he did want to be cuddled. Roy would never refuse the gesture because deep down he really did love the boy.

The journey also provided Roy time to teach Edward proper etiquette in being a "lady" which is to be seen and not heard which with Edward was as usual a challenge. Roy also took the time to educate Edward on Xingian custom and culture which fascinated Edward.

The five day journey came to an end as they were met at the train station with a Royal coach and escort from the palace. Roy had to close Edward's mouth a couple of times from gawking.

"Is that where we are staying?" asked Edward amazed by the sight of the palace in the distance.

"Yes my love," smiled Roy taking "Elizabeth's" hand in his and kissing it, "Too bad this is not our honeymoon."

"What are you ... I mean yes honey too bad," smiled Edward rolling his amber eyes. This was going to be harder than he thought being so sweet and loveable to Roy all the time while in public view. He knew this little "vacation" was going to make him deathly ill.

"Is this your first time in Xing?" asked their escort.

"No sir it is not. I have had the pleasure of visiting your country in the past, however my fiance is here for the very first time."

"I see your lovely fiance is enjoying the view of our country."

"Yes she appears to be a bit overwhelmed," smiled Roy, "Sweetheart?"

"What! I mean, yes dear," sighed Edward, "It is very beautiful and overwhelming."

"We shall be at the palace shortly," replied the escort as he watched Roy pointing out certain landmark's and sight's to the beautiful young blonde.


The palace was enormous and exquisite. There was a long red carpet that met their carriage as Roy, being the perfect gentleman, exited first and took his "fiance's" hand to help "her" exit the carriage.

Once the couple entered the palace to meet the Emperor and his subjects Edward noticed that the staff inside the palace were bowing to them as if they were royalty as well. Not paying attention he bumped into Roy and hid behind Roy as his face flushed quickly.

"Is everything alright my love," asked a confused Colonel.

"Well, um, why are all these people bowing to us?"

"I believe it is their custom and remember we are in our military dress uniform."

"Oh, yeah right. Besides you have more bars and stars on your uniform than I do so it must be you."

"Most likely."


"I love you too," smirked Roy kissing Edward's hand again causing another blush on the boy's face to Roy's delight.

They were brought immediately to their private living quarters for their stay at the palace. Ed walked about the room in awe for he had never seen such fine things. The room decorated in lots of reds, yellows and greens with exotic paintings and pictures on the wall, on the material around the room. Everywhere. There was silk and satin galore and lots of pillows but only one bed.

The Royal escort encouraged them to relax from their long journey as the Emperor was unavailable at the moment but would have an audience with them when time permitted. The escort then bowed as he left them to their own devices.

"Roy, there is only one bed in here!" exclaimed Edward.

"Don't tell me you are surprised."

"Well no but ..."

"But what? Edward you are so damn frustrating at times."

"Me frustrating?"

"Yes you. You complain you don't want to be cuddled at night, so I don't cuddle you. But, BUT! the minute I am dozing off to sleep you nudge me to cuddle you, which I do and you have the nerve to bitch about it the next day!"

"Fuck you!"

"Oh you so want me to fuck you it is eating you alive!"

"I DO NOT WANT YOU ..." The comment was interrupted by a deep long frustrating kiss that calmed them both as they groped hungrily for one another.

They dropped to the floor of their suite as clothes was hastily removed between armorous kisses and touches. Roy fished the small bottle of oil from his pockets as he oiled his fingers and slowly entered Ed for the first time.

Ed gasped from the intrusion of Roy's finger as he breathed open kisses into Roy's mouth pulling Roy to him. "How does it feel?"

"Haa ... guh ... good," moaned Edward as Roy slowly stroked his virgin lover gently. Roy bent down to kiss the soft lips tenderly as he introduced the second finger.

"I will never hurt you Edward. You do know that don't you?"

"Yes. I ... I trust you Roy. Please don't stop I, I want you," moaned a breathless Edward.

"I won't," smiled Roy as his mouth found two hard nipples with generous areola's to devour. "So perfect." He took one into his mouth deeply licking and carressing the hardness with his warm mouth.

"I thought my breasts were too small," sighed Edward.

"Oh no baby. On you they are perfect," smiled Roy at the tender joke as he felt Edward's body finally relax completely in his arms.

He took a pillow and placed it under Ed's hips to better angle him and not hurt him. "Are you sure you want me to do this," asked Roy.

"Yes. I have never been more sure of anything Colonel. I saved myself for you," smiled Edward.

Roy bent down to kiss Edward's mouth as Edward touched the face of the only man he ever wanted to see above him.

Roy oiled his cock generously so he would not hurt the boy. Roy had had many virgin's before but this was the one virgin he desired more than anything. Opening Ed's legs to expose his sweet opening he traced the puckered muscle softly as he slowly pressed his hardness into Ed.

Ed gasped feeling the invasion at his entrance and began to breathe faster and harder as he grabbed the bedding on the bed pulling it down. "Relax sweetheart you are doing fine," said Roy calmly.

"Oh, ok ..."

Roy rubbed the inside of Ed's thighs to calm him a little as well as to distract him from what was about to happen next. He pressed harder as his head entered the tight hole and he waited for Ed to adjust to Roy's head.

"Haa ... oh my ggaa ... it's big!"

"Why thank you sweetheart, I'm glad you think so but it really isn't," joked Roy.

"Yes it is, and ... and I, I want ... it."

"You shall very soon." Roy opened Ed's legs and raised them higher to get a better position as he slowly pushed forward and entered completely into his lover.

"Ah ... Nnngh ... are you ..."

"Yes I am beautiful," groaned Roy as he felt the warm heaven surrounding his cock holding him tight within. Slowly he stroked in and out of the sweet warmth watching the beauty he was loving under him writhe in indescribable pleasure.

The movements were slow and gentle as Roy held onto Ed's hips while he loved him deeper and longer. He took Ed's hardness into his oiled hand and began to stroke him as his thrusts became faster and intense. "Oh baby," cried Roy as he was so close to ecstasy.

"Yes my Colonel, more!" cried Ed as Roy brought them both to a height of passion neither had ever experienced.

As he emptied his passion into his lover he lifted Edward into his arms as he held perfection for the first time in his life. Breathing heavily and holding each other tight Edward sighed, "Stay in me for a little longer, please."

"Forever," said Roy through breathless afterglow kisses.


If Roy knew that making love to Edward would make him the dutiful "fiance" he sure would have done the deed on the train. As it was he wouldn't leave Roy's side as they showered together, dressed each other playfully and finally unpacked their appropriate suitcases.

Ed was the epitome of perfection and did everything he could to please Roy going so far as to ask how he looked, if his hair was alright to where it was hard for Roy to contain his laughter much longer.

When they exited their suite to meet the Emperor it was Ed who took Roy's arm this time as he leaned against his newfound love. Roy just smiled as they walked about the palace to more bows and smiles which totally confused Ed even more.

The Emperor was seated behind a huge desk signing papers when they arrived. Roy knelt on the cushion provided taking Ed to the floor with him as they bowed to the Emperor. The Emperor excused his subjects from the room so he was alone with the Colonel and his fiance.

"You know this manner of behavior is unnecessary," smiled the Emperor as he bent down to take Roy into a big bear hug. "Oh nephew how I have missed you so."

"As have I uncle," smiled Roy with slight tears in his eyes.

They stood up when The Emperor noticed the petite blonde still kneeling in shock from the revelation. "Well nephew I see you have brought a young beauty with you," smiled the Emperor as he kissed Edward's hand.

"Nephew?" asked Edward still kneeling in shock.

"Uncle I failed to mention to Elizabeth that we were related."

"You sure the hell didn't you bastard! You mean to tell me that you are a ..."

"Prince," smiled the Emperor, "Roy is my brother's only child and my favorite nephew."

"Your only nephew," corrected Roy.

"Ah, yes you are most correct," smiled the Emperor once again hugging his nephew. "So nephew introduce me to who your little beauty here is for real."

"I knew I couldn't hide anything from you for long uncle," said Roy shaking his head in disbelief.

"What does that mean?" asked Edward hotly from the “little” comment.

"My nephew has brought you here as his fiance but you are not female but male am I correct?"

"Yes sir, I mean your highness, um sorry."

"No need to apologize little beauty. My name is Kido Yao Emperor of Xing. My nephew has excellent taste and I will say that I do approve of this one Royaku."


"Yes my nephew's birth name. Come we shall tell you more ..."

"Edward, sir."

"Edward! Lovely my sweet and you shall call me uncle as well," smiled the Emperor leading them into a very luxurious private quarters which once again had Edward awestruck.

"Now since you are home Royaku I expect you to wear the customary attire. Please take your beauty and change into the Kimonos I have set aside for you both."

"Thank you uncle," smiled Roy bowing as Edward followed Roy behind the screens.

"Roy I, I can't wear these," cried Edward.

"Why not, they are very comfortable and ..."

"Its not that, it’s, my automail," sighed Ed "Everyone will stare at me, the cripple, and ..."

"Oh Ed," smiled Roy taking him into his arms. "You are not a cripple and I never want to hear you refer to yourself as that ever again understand?”


“You have always been just Edward and your automail is a part of who you are and I wouldn't have you any other way. It will be fine trust me."

"Ok," sniffed Edward, "Will you help me put on this?"



They emerged from behind the screens with their military dress in hand as they were wearing the finest Kimonos the Emperor had acquired. Roy's Kimono was a deep blue with a multitude of designs throughout. The most amazing being a dragon breathing fire from its mouth on the back of the Kimono. Edward had a deep crimson red Kimono with golden flowers and butterflies patterned throughout the entire garment.

"Ah yes my sweets. Now you are dressed appropriate," smiled the Emperor as he motioned for his servant to take their military uniforms and return them back to Roy and Ed's living quarters.

The Emperor took Ed's automail hand and sat him on the floor next to him as Roy sat on Ed's left. "My beauty I see you have been injured in the past?"

"Yes sir. I was in an accident when I was very young and have had automail ever since."

"Well it is very fine workmanship. I see now why my nephew adores you so, he really likes metal," winked the Emperor.


"Does he still play with fire?"

"All the time and is pretty damn sexy when he does," blushed Edward.

"Ok you two that is quite enough talk about me," blushed Roy.

"He can be such a pompous ass you know."

"Roy I like your uncle, ALOT!" announced Ed forgetting about the prior “little” comments.

"Somehow I knew you would."

"You know little beauty I know my nephew has not told anyone of his true identity outside of this palace and he chose you for a specific reason. Not only to share his secrets with you but also because you are very special to him I can tell."

"But sir, I mean uncle, I am a man I can never give Roy a what he needs."

"You already have my sweet."

"I have?"

"Yes you have. My nephew is alot like his father, my older brother, Hiroku. Hiroku was as the future of the Yao clan and future Emperor of Xing. He was to marry a princess of our parents choice. You see our custom is for the parents to choose your future wife. Hiroku was betrothed at birth but my brother refused to marry who they selected and left the empire, country, everything to me so he could marry his one true love."

"You mean ..."

"Yes Edward, my father met my mother when she was living here with her parents who were alchemists. They came here to Xing to help our pharmacists, as they are known here, develop their alchemic skills. My mother and father met by accident and soon fell in love. When the time came for my mother to leave Xing and return Amestris my father feared he would never see my mother again. He did what his heart told him and he stowed away on the train just to be with her. They were married soon after arriving back in our country."

"I remember your mother so well. She was a beautiful woman named Lily and Hiroku loved her with his life. You could say he died of a broken heart."

"A broken heart?" asked Edward.

"Yes, Lily and Hiroku tried for many years to have a child when Royaku was finally conceived and born. Lily was unable to have anymore children and within a few years she became very ill and died. It was then that I encouraged my brother to return here to Xing to live at the palace and raise young Royaku and he did until only a few short years later he died as well leaving my nephew in my care. I raised him as my own son till he desired to go back to Amestris to study alchemy and eventually joined the military."

"Ok so I get the Roy part but where did you get your last name from?"

"My mother's maiden name. My full name is Royaku Mustang Yao and when I left Xing I changed it legally to Roy Mustang."

"But why, I mean you are a prince!"

"Yes, but I wanted to do good for the people Ed, that is why I left to follow my heart as my father did many years ago."

"Only in following your heart will you find true love and happiness," smiled the Emperor. "I have something for you nephew." The Emperor took a small box from his Kimono and handed it to Roy. Upon opening the box he saw the very ring that his father had given to his mother. "Your father gave it to me before he died to return to you to give to your true love."

"Thank you uncle," smiled Roy as he removed the ring and placed it on Edward's ring finger then kissed him. "This is where it belongs."

"You are a very wise man nephew, you have my blessing."


Once again the bread and wine
But it seems the meanings may be deeper still this time
And you surprised me when you said I'd fall away,
Don't you know me
I could never be ashamed of you, no

I will follow you, lay down my life
I would die for you, this very night

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