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The Flame - Chapter 14

TITLE: THE FLAME – Chapter 14
PAIRING: Roy x Ed, Kimbly and Archer return!
WARNINGS: Violence, strong sexual content, bondage, toys, language and FLUFF!
A/N: This is a Roy x Ed fic that is non BETA’d I write in MSWord, spell and grammar check then copy and paste into LJ. Enjoy! Comments welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

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Chapter 14

Six months passed since the incident occurred and Roy was able to return to work much to Ed's dismay. He loved being home alone with Roy all these months and now it was time for business as usual. The doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the military car to pick them up to drive them to headquarters.

"Roy the car is here," called Edward from the kitchen as he completed preparing Roy's lunch and his thermos full of freshly brewed coffee.

"I'm ready when you are," replied Roy as he walked into the foyer using his cane for support.

Edward soon joined him and stopped dead in his tracks as he set his eyes on the military man in blue. "Wow!"

"Wow what?"

"I don't know if I should you let you out of the house or bring you back to the bedroom?"

"What do you mean? Is there something wrong with my uniform?" asked Roy nervously.

"Not at all."

"So what's wrong?"

Edward moved toward Roy and walked around him inspecting the nervous Colonel from head to toe.


"Well the verdict is that you are one fine fucking man Colonel, especially in that uniform," smirked Edward as he pressed his body to Roy's planting a soft warm kiss on his lips as the doorbell rang a second time.

"I am so glad that I meet your approval," smiled Roy kissing Edward once again as the doorbell rang impatiently. "I think we better answer the door."

"Hmm," said Edward dreamily, "Ok but, I'm going to have to make a note to have sex with you in that uniform. Soon!" smiled Edward turning to open the door to reveal a very impatient Colonel Hughes.

"Well it is about time you answered. What were you two doing getting in another quickie before you left for the office," smiled Hughes.

"Shut up Hughes," smiled Roy, "I can't help it if you are jealous."

"Jealous? Who said anyting about me being jealous? Didn't you two have enough ALONE time all these months?"

"Come on Colonel you are just jealous of what Roy and I have together cause you can't get it from him anymore," joked Edward winking at Roy.

"Who said I wanted anything from Roy. I love my wife and daughter and ... Wait a minute how do you know that ..."

"Maes my friend as hard as it was to do it I just had to break down and tell Ed the sordid truth.”

“The sordid truth? What sordid truth are you going on about and do I know anything about that?”

“Well of course you do. You are my sordid truth, Maes. I told him all about us and how you ripped my heart out and stomped on it leaving me alone and needy,” sighed Roy.

"Well it's about time you told him. Hey wait a minute I did not rip your heart out!”

“Yes you did,” sniffed Roy mockingly.


“Lighten up Hughes, you are so uptight. Maybe you should take the rest of the day off, go home and ask Gracia to blow you or something.”


“Good one baby,” smiled Ed.

“He pretty much had it coming, so to speak,” smirked Roy.

“Why you two …” replied a defeated Hughes. “So I take it you don't hate me then Edward."

"No I don’t hate you, Colonel. Just remember Hughes hands off of my man, he's mine now," taunted Ed giving Roy a possessive hug.

"No need to worry about that. Not after you scared the entire hospital staff if they so much as glanced at Roy."

"I did not scare the hospital staff."

"Yes you did."

"Did not!"

“Did too!”

"All right you two let's get going please," smiled Roy as he was helped into the car by Edward who growled and slapped away Hughes everytime he tried to help.

Once the trio was settled in and on their way to headquarters Roy held onto Ed's hand rather tightly. He didn't have to say anything for Ed knew Roy was scared. This was his first time returning to the scene of the crime and although Roy never admitted his fears vocally Edward knew and understood. He moved closer to Roy and brought Roy's hand to his mouth, kissed it mouthing "I love you" as he looked into his lover's onyx eyes which helped to calm Roy.

"I have some news about the investigation regarding the incident," interrupted Hughes of the tender moment.

“He sure does have rotten timing,” mumbled Ed.

“What did you say?”

"Oh, nothing. Did you finally figure out or shall I say realize that it was in fact Kimbly who did this to Roy?" stated Edward rather annoyed.

"Yes Edward. I was finally able to provide the higher ups with concrete proof that alchemy was used to hurt Roy and not military weapons. Also,with the help of your brother and Major Armstrong we were not only able to prove that the incident was caused by alchemy but place Archer as the master mind behind the whole incident."

"Yes! Now what?" asked an excited Edward.

"The Fuhrer has put out an extensive search for both Kimbly and Archer as we speak."

"What do you mean a search," asked Roy somewhat uncomfortable by that statement.

"It appears that they have mysteriously disappeared and are on the run from recent reports. Now no need to worry Roy you are still heavily guarded as per the Fuhrer's request."

"Really? How interesting I never knew the man actually cared," grunted Roy.

"So what's next Colonel Hughes?" asked Ed somewhat impatient.

"We'll have to wait and see. We were given orders not to interfere in the apprehension of these two military deserters. So that ends our involvement in the case for now."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes Edward I am. Right now you worry about one thing and that is keeping Roy safe and happy or you will have to answer to me. Understand shorty?"


"Good so you get the message," laughed Hughes.

"Yeah I get it," grumbled Ed. "Only I can't really take care of Roy properly at the office. I will have to do that when we get home this evening. After a nice dinner and then a hot bath followed by me taking Roy completely in my ..."


"You asked for that one," smirked Ed.

"Why you little..."

"I admit gentlemen that I am flattered to have you two fight over me but would you please stop. If I laugh anymore I will break my ribs again," laughed Roy hysterically as they finally arrived safely at Central Headquarters.


"It will be nice to have the Colonel back," smiled Fuery.

"Yeah, it will be nice to have the old Mustang back," admitted Havoc, "Only I guess we won't be able to get rid of the boss this time."

"Why do you say that?" asked Falman.

"Are you kidding? You were all at the hospital and saw how the boss got all uptight the minute anyone went near the Colonel especially a female," remarked Havoc.

"You’re not kidding there," laughed Breda, "Little boss went crazy and who would have thought he actually cared about the Colonel as much as he does."

"I suggest gentlemen that this conversation stays in this office and nowhere else," remarked Lieutenant Hawkeye entering the room.

"Yeah. Sure. No problem. Whatever you say Lieutenant," said the four men in unison.

"I am sure that Colonel Mustang and Major Elric are well aware that we all know of their relationship and discretion should be in order," stated Hawkeye.

"Sure thing Lieutenant, but one question, if I maybe so bold?"

"What is it Breda?"

"Not to be nosey.."

"But you will be."

"Well yeah, I thought you and the Colonel had a thing going on."

"I will admit gentlemen that I have always admired the Colonel and will support him in whatever he choses whether it is his professional or personal life. He is happy and that is all that really matters now isn't it gentlemen?"

"Of course it is," smiled Havoc, "Besides that means more women for us since the Colonel is unavailable."

"You damn well better believe he is now and forever unavailable," claimed the blonde alchemist escourting his lover into the room.

"Well if it isn't the little boss and the Colonel," smirked Havoc waching Ed fume over the "little" comment.

"That isn't very fair Havoc," replied Falman, "It appears the boss has gotten quite a bit taller since we last saw him."

"Yes he has gotten taller," smiled Roy, "Edward is now the perfect height for us to kiss." A statement that made the blonde blush as did the rest of the men in the office.

"TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" announced Hughes trying to change the subject.

"Hughes I am sure my men can live with my relationship with Ed just as they have learned to live with your constant display of affection for your daughter," smirked Roy as the men began to snicker.

"That is not the same thing!"

"The hell it isn't."

"Roy you really are a bastard!"

"Hey don't you call Roy a bastard," argued Ed.

"Why the hell not you call him that all the time," said Maes with a sneer.

"Yes but he is MY bastard, not yours. Got it Colonel!"

"Why you little ..."

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing. I'll see you two later I have work to do," said Hughes leaving the office to peals of laugher.

"Good one boss!" laughed Breda patting Ed on the back.

"All right men you've had your fun now let's get back to work before Hawkeye begins target practice on us all," smiled Roy sitting behind his desk with his lover by his side. Yes today was going to be a perfect day thought Roy feeling Ed's arm around his shoulders as the warm body pressed against him.


They were on the run ever since word leaked out that Fuhrer King Bradley was out looking for them for questioning regarding the attack on the Fuhrer's pet Roy Mustang. Who would have thought that the Fuhrer actually liked that pompous ass. There were very few people that the Fuhrer liked and Colonel Hughes and Mustang were two of his top dogs so to speak.

They were in the countryside somewhere south of central in an abandoned barn. "I am not going back there for them to experiment on me again," shouted Kimbly.

"You won't," said Archer, "Besides you are too valuable to me as an alchemist since I no longer have my weapons."

"So that is all you want me for is to be your weapon?"

"That and this," smiled Archer removing his clothing and approached the crimson alchemist planting a deep kiss as he stripped him of his clothing. "I want you now! But on my terms.”

“What do you desire?”

“Let’s see,” said Archer thoughtfully as he walked about the vacant barn till he found what he wanted. “Come here,” demanded Archer and the naked alchemist obeyed. Archer had found what he wanted rope, leather straps, a bridle and bit, and a whip. He was definitely going to relieve his frustrations today.

He started off by tying up Kimbly’s leather bound wrists to the rope that was hung over the center beam in the barn lifting the alchemist high enough so his feet were barely touching the ground. With another rope placed around Kimbly’s hips he lifted his ass to a perfect angle for abuse putting a small wooden block between Kimbly’s knees so he could have access to that hot fuck hole as he desired. He then adjusted the alchemist so that his arms were tied tightly behind his back and the bulk of his weight on his upper torso to his hips suspending him in the air.

“I see you want it rough and nasty tonight,” smirked Kimbly.

“I do, and when I am done with you you will never desire another lover,” grinned Archer biting Kimbly’s lips after he tongue fucked his mouth.

“Yummy,” smirked Kimbly licking the blood on his lips before Archer applied the bit and bridle on his face then walked around to Kimbly’s ass to begin the torture.

SMACK! As Archer began the physical abuse to his lover’s ass with the leather whip turning Kimbly’s ass into a hot shade of red. With every smack of the whip Kimbly screamed as much as he could but the bit had restricted his vocal ability. He loved hardcore, nasty, abusive sex and he knew Archer would be up to the task tonight for they were both on edge and needed the release.

The beatings continued until Archer broke the skin on Kimbly’s ass revealing the crimson liquid. He then dropped the whip to devour the substance. Kimbly’s ass was hot to the touch and tender and just how he wanted him tonight as he licked and sucked the blood from the marks he inflicted.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned from the sick pleasure. He grabbed the hot ass cheeks in his hands and found the hot puckered hole he wanted. “Yeah that’s the spot,” groaned Archer as his tongue licked the puckered entrance as his lover squirmed. Taking his thumbs he opened the muscle to reveal the opening he wanted and bent down taking it with his mouth. Fantastic thought Archer, so good and hot just how he liked Kimbly as his tongue fuck began eating him out like a starving animal.

Kimbly squirmed in passion and pain thriving on each touch, taste, fuck everything was good and Archer was delivering big time. He forced himself open wider to give Archer more of himself as his body dripped in sweat and blood.

“Open wider for me whore,” demanded Archer as his mouth continued to devour the hot hole aching for more. He couldn’t get enough of Kimbly tonight as he moved down his ass crack to the sack and took them deep into his mouth. Moans were heard above him as he sucked on the full sack pulling the dark hair surrounding it. “Yes,” he moaned as he sucked the balls and licked the dark coarse hair hungrily as he worked his way back up to the opening waiting for his wanting cock.

He entered his lover with a force of rage and passion filling him completely. He was hard and horny and wanting this more than he ever dreamed he would. He pounded the raw ass with such intense power as his hands took turns slapping the ass he now fucked. His lust was unending as the thrusts became harder and deeper as he pulsed inside his lover. A final thrust of heat overcame him as he bore down hard, hands gripping into Kimbly’s hips as he came deep and hard filling him with his seed.

Breathing intense and sweaty he pulled out of his lover and went to remove the bridle and bit. Once they were removed he planted a deep hungry kiss on his lover’s lips as they fought for tongue control.

“Let me suck you,” moaned Kimbly through breathless kisses as he lowered his head to take Archer in his mouth tasting their mixed juices. Archer forced his lover’s head hard on his cock fulfilling the lust he had for him tonight and soon he was taken to another height of passion and eruption.

He knelt under his lover and found his lover’s hard red cock needing fulfillment. “I want your come,” said Archer as he took Kimbly into his mouth deep. He tasted pre come from his lover’s slit and nursed the head like a baby drinking milk from their mother’s breast. He put one hand on Kimbly’s hip as the other manipulated Kimbly’s sack and dark tuft of hair framing his sex. Deeper, longer, faster, and slower he continued to suck his lover bringing him to the brink but not allowing the explosion till he was ready. “Beg,” demanded Archer.

“Please, suck me dry, I beg you,” cried Kimbly in erotic pain. Archer smiled and took him back in deep and fast soon feeling the hot semen flowing down his throat.
He untied his lover and took him to the cool hay as he ravaged Kimbly’s body with unending kisses, bites, and erotic touches.

Hours later they lay on the cool hay spent and exposed. Kimbly was like an obedient dog fulfilling everyone one of Archer’s whims tonight. He laid there while Archer petted, licked and kissed his sore body silently wondering how long they would enjoy this freedom from the world.


“Roy you know we might get caught in here,” moaned Ed as he sat between Roy’s legs on the huge sofa that Roy had recently acquired in his office.

“I know baby but it feels so good to touch you,” as he continued to kiss Ed’s neck and shoulders.

Ed had been away for three weeks and Roy missed him terribly. After six months of total bliss Edward received an assignment within the first week of Roy’s return to work. He painstakingly took the mission as he was assured that Hughes would watch over Roy in his absence.

He arrived later than expected at Central and went straight to Roy’s office knowing Roy would be waiting. The moment he walked in and saw the sexy man sitting on a luxurious new burgundy plush sofa with lots of fluffy pillows he locked the door. Smiling he ran into his lover’s arms showering him with kisses. Roy began to undress Edward immediately tasting his sweet flesh and metal body. Soon naked and sitting between Roy’s legs he felt safe and secure. Not to mention the plush sofa felt erotic against his naked ass. Roy was going to take off his military jacket and white shirt to feel Ed’s body next to his. When Ed said, “Oh no Colonel, I like the uniform against my naked skin.”

“Then it shall stay, for now,” smiled Roy as he enveloped Ed’s naked body in his arms.

They held each other for what seemed like hours when Roy began to unbraid Ed’s hair letting it cascade down his lover’s back. He bended down to nuzzle Ed’s neck and kiss his sweet shoulders, hands wandering all over Ed’s soft chest feeling hard nipples and he began to rub them gently with his fingers, pinching them ever so slightly.

“I missed this Roy. So much. Just to lay in your arms and feel your touch.”

“So have I baby, so have I.” The nipple playing made Ed very hard and Roy knew how excited Ed got with stimulating foreplay. Roy then spread Ed’s legs wider as he kissed Ed’s soft neck rubbing the inside of his lover’s soft thighs to the waiting cock straining for attention. He took a hold of Ed’s cock and began to stroke it slowly. He touched the slit and felt warmth.

“Mmmm baby you are spilling out already.”

“I know,” moaned Edward.

“I bet you were doing it everyday alone in your cold bed at night.”

“Yes but it is better this way.”

“You need to let me have fun with you more often when you and I are like this.”

“Well you do seem to have all the fun when I am naked like this in your arms.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Never. I want you to touch me, to play with me any time you desire. I am yours forever.”

“This does feel so good to touch you like this my angel, will you come for me.” Roy pleaded as he stroked Ed’s cock with a constant rhythm that was sending Ed’s body into a heated passion that rose with each stroke. Kissing and nibbling Ed’s neck and shoulders drove Ed into a more heated passion, encouraging Roy’s hands to work their magic. Ed’s verbal passion made Roy grope and kiss his body more and more.

“Aaaah … nnnhh … aaah … yyeess …YES!” cried Ed as he exploded into Roy’s loving hands.


They couldn’t get home fast enough. The small pleasure at the office wasn’t nearly enough but to only tide them over till they got home. The kissed in the foyer practically clawing each other’s clothes off as Roy was pressed to the wall from Ed’s eager advances.

“How is your back, my love?” asked Ed through breathless kisses.

“Better but it is still very sore,” replied Roy unhappily.

“That means we have to wait to make love again doesn’t it?”

“Yes and no,” smirked Roy.

“Roy, that does not make any sense.”

“Sure it does,” he commented as the young alchemist lead them into their bedroom and began stripping Roy as he showered more kisses upon him.

“Tell me how it makes sense,” grinned the blonde continuing with his taunting kisses.

“Well, I have a surprise for you,” smiled Roy.

“A surprise!”

“Yes actually, it is for both of us,” smiled Roy now completely naked walked over to the dresser to take something from the top drawer and returned to the bed. Edward was already naked lying in their bed with Roy’s white shirt on and nothing else.

“Well I see you are anxious tonight.”

“Yes I am.”

“Well why do you have on my shirt that you just stripped off of me if I may ask?”

“Because it smells like you and is warm like you and I want as much of you as possible tonight. What’s the surprise?”

Smiling Roy sat down on the bed next to Ed and handed him a very elegantly wrapped present that took only seconds for Ed to destroy.

“So much for romance,” sighed Roy.

“What are you going on about?”

“Didn’t you think the wrapping was nice?”

“Huh, what. Oh yeah great,” replied Ed otherwise occupied with the contents in the box which took him by surprise. “Roy?”

“Yes my love.”

“You went through all this trouble to wrap me a stick with bumps on it, that’s my present?”

“Oh it’s not a stick.”

“Well if it isn’t a stick then what the hell is it?”

“Lay back and I’ll show you,” smiled Roy seductively.

“Show me what?”

“How much you are going to love this “stick” I bought you,” smirked Roy.

Ed shrugged his shoulders and did as he was told and as he did Roy took the familiar bottle out of the night table and lubed his fingers and slowly entered Ed’s ass with one finger.

“Ah … aaah!”

“Mmm baby you already are lubed with your own juices,” smiled Roy as he bent down to taste Ed. “Mmmmm delicious.”

“Ah … nnnh … yes …”

He slowly opened Ed’s legs wide taking in the beautiful sight and began to insert the “stick” in Ed’s very delicious ass. The sound of squishes as Roy slowly inserts the “stick” a little deeper.

“Wait! What are you … No! … Ah … oh.”


“Unh, Unh, Unh … Ahhhh!”

“Does that feel good baby?” asked Roy as he held the “stick” in Ed’s ass.

“No… what the … oh my … it’s moving inside of me,” cried Ed trembling.

“Yes my love, it is called a vibrator and is used for masturbation. You put it in there and let it work to pleasure yourself.” Listening to the hum of the vibrator and Ed’s gasps made Roy so hard as he held it in Ed’s ass steadily.

“No … ahh … take it out please it feels weird.”

“Relax so you can let it work. Just try it and if it doesn’t get you going for me baby I promise to take it out. Do you trust me?”

“Yes… I dooo … aahh … Ok … I … uh … aaahhh”

“Here baby touch yourself while I hold it in you,” smiled Roy as he took Ed’s flesh hand guiding it to his hard cock. “There baby, now stroke yourself slowly while it vibrates inside of you.”

“Ok … Ha … oh … ahh … ahh”

“Good. Like that baby nice and slow till you want to go faster.”

“Unh … what am I doing …haa … aah”

Roy watches lustfully as he steadies the vibrator. “Yes baby like that, so good baby.”

“Don’t stop Roy. Oh my gaaa … ahhh…” Ed took both of his hands and began to pump his cock furiously while Roy slowly worked the vibrator in Ed’s ass not wanting to hurt him just to share the moment with him.

Watching Ed come was perfection, beauty and this would be incredible thought Roy. “Nnnh … ah … ah … ahhhh…” Ed cried as Roy kept a steady rhythm with the vibrator to the movement of Ed’s hands. He wanted Ed to know pleasure, different types of pleasure every time they were together. “Ooo … ah … ah … yes…“cried Ed as he exploded in a beautiful fit of spasms spilling his sweet nectar.

Lying on his side breathless he was a vision. Roy started to remove the vibe when Ed begged him not to. He wanted it in him while he relaxed. “Feels so good, so good. Love me please.”

Roy laid behind Ed on the bed rubbing his beautiful ass, slowly pumping the vibe in and out of Ed as he watched his lover moan in pleasure. “If you want me to stop I will.”

“No never. Never stop.”

As he kept the steady pace he pulled down the shoulder of the shirt Ed was wearing and began to kiss his neck, nibbling, loving. He moved down Ed’s chest to his hard nipples and began to suckle the one that had most of Ed’s sweetness on it.

“Roy …”

“Yes baby”

“I love you …”

Roy stopped, his heart skipped a beat every time Edward said those three words to him, “I love you too.” He raised his head to look into Ed’s eyes and saw tears flowing from golden eyes.

“Baby, am I hurting you shall I take it out?”

“No, you are not hurting me, you are loving me so perfect.”

“Then why the tears?”

“I am crying because I love you so much Roy. I have never felt this way before and I don’t want it to ever stop. I want this what we have now to last forever. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You will never lose me, ever,” smiled Roy as tears rained down his face.


Heaven is a boy I know so well
He makes me feel good when I feel like hell
Heaven is a boy that I’ve got to have
And he makes me feel better when I’m feelin’ bad
Heaven is a boy, he makes dreams come true
And no one does it good like Heaven do
That voodoo that you do


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