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The Flame - Chapter 12

TITLE: THE FLAME – Chapter 12
PAIRING: Roy x Ed, Kimbly x Archer return!
WARNINGS: Violence, strong sexual content and language.
A/N: This is a Roy x Ed fic but I have added some others for storyline effect. Also non BETA’d I write in MSWord, spell and grammar check then copy and paste into LJ. Enjoy! Comments welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

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Chapter 12

“Five weeks Al! Five miserable weeks and nothing!” grumbled Ed.

“Brother I know how this upsets you. But we will find the stone I know we will. We just have to be a little more patient,” said Al trying to be as positive as he could. “Besides we should be home soon and I know someone who you will be very happy to see.”

Smiling back Ed replied, “Yeah, I can’t wait. I think he’s going to meet us at the station so, um …”

“No need to worry I will have the Colonel drop me off at Colonel Hughes home so you two can feel up each other soon enough,” smirked Al.

“Al, Al, Al what am I going to do with you my perverted little brother.”

“Brother without my expert advice and training you would not be with the man you love right now. Admit it. When it comes to sex I’m the king!”

“Al you know sometimes you scare me.”

Ignoring his brother’s comment Al was ready for his next sexual quest. “So brother what are you two going to do tonight?”

“Al that is really none of your business.”

“Oh come on brother you have to tell me what do you have planned? Oh please!”

“Al you need to stop hanging around Hughes so much he’s beginning to rub off on you, in a bad way.”

“No he is not! He’s a great friend and watches out not only for Mustang but also for us so don’t complain about Colonel Hughes as he helped me get you two together remember.”

“Ok, ok you got a point,” smiled Edward thoughtfully.


“Well what?”

“Ed you can be so frustrating at times. What do you have planned for the Colonel?”

“I, uh … Al you are embarrassing me!”

“I’m sorry brother you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No I do cause it will affect you too. Al I want to, to ask Roy if I can live with him cause I am ready to commit to him completely.”

“Ed are you serious that is great! Don’t worry about me I won’t get in the way. I’m sure I can stay either in the dorms or with Colonel Hughes, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all,” said an overly excited man of steel.

“Al I don’t want you to not have anywhere to go and Roy does have an extra bedroom…”

“Oh no, uh, uh and hear you two going at it all the time! I don’t think so.”

“What’s wrong King of sex losing your nerve.”

“No, it’s just that this is your life, your future. I refuse to interfere. You need time to be with Roy to love and to grow. I will be fine, it’s not like you won’t ever see me again.”

“Thanks Al, you’re the best.”

“I know. Hey look we are just about at the station in Central City. There sure is a lot of military personnel here I wonder why?”

“Who cares as long as one military man is there that’s all I care about.”


“How is he Doc?”

“Better than he was two weeks ago.”

“You sound awfully skeptical what is it?” asked Maes cautiously.

“Well Colonel Hughes to be frank my biggest concern is that Colonel Mustang has not regained consciousness since the explosion and that is where my biggest fear is. Other than the physical injuries that have been attended to I do not know the mental or emotional injuries that he may have encountered. The swelling near his brain appears to have gone down but there is still so much uncertainty at this time.”

“Thank you Colin I appreciate your honesty.”

“Maes, we have been friends for a long time you, myself and Roy I know he has never spoken of his family or past but is there anyone that you can find that may help awaken him?”

“Colin my friend I do have someone and that someone should be arriving here as we speak.”


Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye waited at the station for the young alchemist and his armored brother to exit the train. Even though Roy had not confided in her his love for the obnoxious blonde she knew. She always knew and she wasn’t surprised as they were the perfect combination and complimented each other perfectly. Something she could never be with the Colonel as he was not only her superior but also hopelessly gay. She took great delight in watch the women fawn all over Roy Mustang knowing that they were wasting their time for his eyes and heart were for only one person and that person was walking her way at this moment.

“Hi Lieutenant what brings you out here to the train station?” smiled Edward.
“I was instructed by Colonel Hughes to come and pick you up,” smiled Riza.

“Oh I get it. You must have Colonel Mustang chained to his desk so he can actually get some work done,” laughed Ed.

“I wish that were the case Edward,” said Hawkeye grimly.

“What’s wrong Lieutenant, did something happen to … to Roy?” said Edward with a note of fear in his voice.

“Edward, Alphonse come with me. I will answer all your questions on the way to the hospital.”

“The hospital!” shrieked Al as his older brother felt very weak and grabbed onto his armor for support.


The drive to the hospital was taking forever and Edward felt as though he were going to die.

“Who would do this to Roy?” cried Edward into his hands while Alphonse rubbing his brother’s back trying to console him.

“We don’t know, Edward but we are investigating all angles. Colonel Hughes is spearheading this investigation so you can rest assured that whomever did this to Colonel Mustang will pay.”

“Thank you Lieutenant Hawkeye,” said Alphonse for his brother who was unable to speak at the moment.

“Edward please know that I know of your relationship with the Colonel and you need not worry. I will keep your secret on only one condition.”

“Whaa … What’s that?” sobbed Edward.

“Love him and bring him back,” smiled Riza with glint of tears in her eyes.

“I do and I will.”


“You wanted to see me Colonel,” smirked the Crimson Alchemist as he slinked into Archer’s office.

“Yes as a matter of fact I do,” smiled Archer, “Lock the door.”

“I love it when you get right to the point.”

“Well considering our little coo was something of a success I feel the need to reward you.”

Without saying a word Kimbly walked up to Archer undressing himself as he did so. By the time he reached Archer he was naked and pressing his naked body next to Archer’s as he planted a long deep snake tongued kiss into Archer’s waiting mouth. He wrapped a leg around Archer’s waist to purposely expose his opening in which Archer took advantage and inserted two fingers deep inside.

This was one of the very few times the two of them ever kissed as their relationship was based mostly on lust, greed, envy, power and domination. Their relationship was far from anything remotely romantic, but their attraction for each other was undeniable.

“Ah yeah, that’s the ticket,” moaned Kimbly pressing his ass into Archer’s hand. They continued to kiss deeper and harder as Archer continued to finger the horny alchemist’s ass.

“Fuck me,” said Kimbly.

“With pleasure,” grinned Archer as he threw his lover across his desk and said, “Spread for me bitch,” smiled Archer with deep satisfaction as he produced his loaded pistol and shoved it up Kimbly’s waiting and wanting opening.

“About time you took advantage of me. So are you just going to hold that hard pistol in my ass or fuck me with it?”

“Oh I’m going fuck you long, deep, hard and endless till your ass gives me your crimson blood.”

“You nasty bastard now you are speaking my language,” smiled Kimbly in sadistic delight spreading himself wider for more of the deep penetration that he desired.

Archer began his slow torture with simple small movements into Kimbly knowing he had to open him up good cause this was going to be a long afternoon of intense pleasure that would last well into the evening. He was fucking horny and wanted to rape the hot ass with his cock soon after he played with it a bit.

“Oh, yeah, fuck …”

“Take it bitch you are mine tonight,” demanded Archer as his thrusting moved at a faster pace he began to remove his uniform as he was feeling hot, lustful and hard.

“Ye … Yes … fuck yeah … do it to me, harder!” screamed Kimbly in delight from the invasion which made Archer harder and more perverse in his torture.

He knelt between the alchemist’s legs to be eye level with the hot ass he was fucking then he slapped the ass cheeks that was taking his pistol deep and hard. He licked the hot ass juice that was dripping down Kimbly’s legs as he fucked him harder and deeper.

“Yes you want my ass juice, don’t you, you nasty fuck.”

“Just as much as you want mine,” grinned Archer as he bit the tender patch of skin below Kimbly’s balls.

Screaming in delight and passion Kimbly grabbed onto the hard wooden desktop as his lover continued pounding him unmercifully. “Suck me off you bastard,” cried the alchemist in sexual pain as Archer took Kimbly’s hardness in his mouth and down his throat. Archer sucked his lover deep and long, using his free hand to squeeze the balls that were full and ready to burst.

“Give me your come,” moaned Archer as he thrusted harder, sucked hard as he brought Kimbly to a wild erotic height of complete pleasure causing him to explode hard into Archer’s hungry mouth. He drank every drop, milking the last remaining seed left in Kimbly’s cock. He released the cock and removed the pistol as his mouth worked its way to Kimbly’s raw hole and he once again inflicted more pain.

Breathing uncontrollably from his eruption he felt his lover taste his way up to his abused ass and began to suckle it. The feeling was intense as Archer’s long tongue began another steady fuck of his ass removing only so briefly to lick his ass juice that had spilled and then returned for more of his opening. “Rape me!”

“Come sit on my face,” demanded Archer as he led his lover to the floor. Kimbly obliged the request as he lowered his ass on Archer’s waiting mouth as he bent down to take Archer’s hard red cock into his own mouth.

The fucking was intense as both men concentrated on the intense pleasure they were giving one another till they were both lying spent on the floor covered in each other’s come taking turns licking each other clean.

“Now that is what I call a good fuck,” smirked Kimbly.

“Just remember where you got that good fuck from.”

“I don’t think I will forget anytime soon.”

“You won’t because as of this moment I own you,” smiled Archer deviously as he planted a deep long kiss on his lover claiming him as his searching hands went to Kimbly’s opening to make sure he understood that he was serious about the ownership.


As they entered the hospital Edward tried to run through the place to find Roy when Hawkeye held him back. “Calm down Fullmetal we don’t want anyone getting suspicious about you and the Colonel now do we?”

“Uh, no … sorry.”

After what seemed like forever they rounded the next corridor the noticed that all of Roy’s staff were in attendance outside a heavily guarded room with Colonel Hughes in command.

“Brother I will wait out here with the men you go with Colonel Hughes to see Mustang,” said Al supportively.

Ed unable to speak merely nodded his head as he followed Hughes into the next room which was a small command center for Hughes and the men with a small kitchen area, a shower and a couple of beds.

“Whe … where’s Roy?” cried Edward, “Is he …”

“No Edward he isn’t dead. He’s alive but not doing too well,” sighed Hughes as he watched the young alchemist collapse into his arms sobbing. “Shh … its ok Ed,” said Hughes soothingly, “Roy is a strong man he will pull through this. He has a lot to live for and the most important part of his life I am hugging right now. Edward he was reading your last letter and looking at your picture when it happened,” smiled Hughes removing the two letters and picture from his coat pocket. “I took these so they would not fall into the wrong hands and I know Roy would want them safe.”

Wiping tears from his eyes Edward took the letters and picture and placed them into his own coat pocket. “Thank you Colonel.”

“He loves you Ed with his entire being and now he needs you more than he ever needed anyone in his entire life and that includes me. He’s pretty beaten up with a few broken ribs, cuts and bruises but otherwise he look’s great,” smiled Hughes trying to soften the blow. “He hasn’t been conscious since the incident occurred almost two weeks ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me when I called?”

“We didn’t want it leaked out what had happened nor worry you. I knew you would be back soon and until then I had the doctors working round the clock doing whatever they could till he was out of danger. What he needs now is you. The men are all here to protect and guard Roy’s room and I will stay with you as long as you need me here. Don’t be afraid you will have all the privacy you need with Roy that I not only promise but also guarantee. Understand?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Shall we go see him now?”


They exited the small makeshift command center to head into Roy’s room. Ed felt as though his knees would give out underneath him. When they entered the room Hughes proceeded Edward to whisper into Roy’s ear, “Hey Roy I have a big surprise for you. I picked up this gorgeous blonde with the most striking gold eyes that said he was looking for the sexiest dark haired flame alchemist he had ever seen. So I figured that this blonde beauty was looking for me but in actuality it was you that he desires. Can you believe that he prefers you over me? Oh well I guess you were right I just don’t have it anymore,” smirked Hughes nodding his head for Edward to move into the chair next to Roy’s bed.

Edward moved slowly to Roy’s side in total shock at what lay before him. His beautiful sculpture was still beautiful just a little scarred that’s all thought Ed. He stood over Roy’s face and with his flesh hand touched his dark soft hair. There was a bandage on the back of Roy’s head, which indicated that he must have gotten a pretty hard blow from the explosion. He bent down and kissed Roy’s forehead, which was a little warm, and then placed butterfly kisses on Roy’s eyelids where those beautiful onyx eyes were hidden. A tear rolled down Ed’s face as he kissed his lover’s cheek and whispered, “I’m here now baby I won’t leave your side till you come back to me.”

Hughes had to turn away for a moment to give them some privacy and to wipe tears from his eyes as he realized for the first time that Roy had someone who truly loved him and there was no mistaking that this was the one. He turned back briefly to see Edward planting soft kisses on Roy’s face and watched as Edward sat down in the chair next to Roy’s bed and placed his blonde head next to Roy’s and whispered, “I love you.”

Edward sat there with his head next to Roy’s as his hands touched Roy’s bruised body. He touched the bruised shoulder and laid soft kisses upon it. He remembered exploring his lover’s beautiful body only a few short weeks ago and smiled at the memory. This time he would touch bandages and cuts and kiss every one of them till they were healed swore Ed. He took Roy’s hand in his and kiss it tenderly rubbing the back of Roy’s hand against his tear stroked cheek. “Come back to me please,” cried Ed as the first night of waiting began.


“Edward. Edward wake up,” said the soft voice of Maes Hughes. “It’s been several hours since you returned why don’t you go take a quick shower and get a bite to eat.”

“No, I can’t. I won’t leave him,” refused Edward.

“Edward I am not asking you to leave Roy, just go to my room and take a shower to relax and get a little something to eat. I’ll stay here with Roy just take Al with you ok? I promise I won’t leave this room till you return.”


“I promise.”

Edward turned to his lover and kissed his lips. “I won’t be long baby, I promise.” Then he took a final look as he walked out of the room into his brother’s waiting arms.


“Colonel Hughes asked me to come and take a shower and get something to eat, while he stayed with Roy,” choked Ed.

“Come on Edward let me show you to the room,” smiled Hawkeye knowing that inside that small body beat a huge heart of gold.


Once Edward had showered and changed he sat at the table with his brother who had fixed him a turkey sandwich and glass of lemonade. “What actually happened to the Colonel brother?”

“All Hughes could tell me was that Roy was standing in front of the large window behind his desk reading my letter when Hughes saw a huge ball of fire come towards the window straight at Roy. Roy managed to push Hughes out of the way but fell over the desk where he broken a couple of ribs but the desk is what protected them from the brunt of the explosion. His entire office is a mess and it was no accident Al.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What was hurled at my, my boyfriend was an explosive made of human substance Al. There is only one person who can turn human matter into explosives and that is the Crimson Alchemist Zolf Kimbly.”

“Ed that’s impossible he’s in prison…”

“Not anymore. Maes had just gotten word that Kimbly was released due to supposedly concrete evidence that he was falsely imprisoned.”

“Who would go to all that trouble to break him out of prison?”

“Frank Archer.”

“Are you serious brother?”

“Yes I am. Hughes doesn’t have proof but I don’t need it I know they were behind what happened to Roy. Regular military are not trained enough in alchemy to know when an alchemist causes the destruction but we alchemists do. So help me brother if I ever get the chance I will kill them for what they did to Roy. No one fucks with my family!” shouted Ed as he left the room to return to his lover.

“You can’t help but admire him,” replied Hawkeye.

“Why do you say that?”

“He would sacrifice his own life for you and Roy cause nothing is more important to him than the ones he loves. He will stay by Roy’s side depriving himself of food, water, everything just to get him back.”

“Yes he would,” said Al with admiration in his voice.

“If anyone can bring the Colonel back it’s that little blonde with the big heart,” replied Hawkeye knowing that the “little” remark wouldn’t set Ed off as more important matters were on his mind tonight.


He returned to his lover’s side to relieve the dozing Hughes with a slight nudge, “Sleeping on duty Colonel?”

“Huh, wha, oh no, no just resting my eyes a bit. Did you get to shower and eat something?”

“Shower yes, eating well just a little,” sighed Ed.

“I understand,” smiled Maes. “Hey Roy, if I were you I’d wake up and check out this hot little blonde number here …”

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING LITTLE?” demanded Ed as he smacked Hughes in the head smiling as he did so.

“Ow, that hurt!”

“Well don’t call me little and you won’t get hurt,” sniffed Ed.


“Four eyes!”

“Obnoxious little brat!”

“Obsessed photographer!”

“Can’t anybody get any sleep around here without you two causing trouble?” asked a drowsy Roy Mustang.

"Roy!" screamed Edward running to his bedside with Hughes quickly behind him. As he approached his lover's side he took Roy's hand in his flesh hand and kissed it as his automail hand stroked the dark soft hair on his lover's head. Then the beautiful onyx eyes he adored opened and smiled for him.

"My angel you are here," winced Roy in pain.

"Yes I am, watching over you," smiled Edward. "I love you."

"I love you baby."

"Well my friend I can see you are in good hands. Somehow I knew you were waiting for this blonde beauty to get here before you awoke," smiled Hughes.

"Yes, now go away," Roy feigned a smile at his best friend.

"Such ingratitude," sighed Hughes. "I get the message you want blondie all to yourself."

"Blondie?" snorted Ed.

"Yes and such a hot LITTLE number too," joked Hughes as he ran out the room before the wrath of Edward Elric caught up with him but he knew this time he would get away with it as Ed was preoccupied at the moment.

"I don't know what to do with Hughes," said Roy, "but I definitely know what to do with you."

"You need to rest Roy you have been through a lot,” smiled Edward placing a soft kiss on his lover’s lips.

"I know," he sighed feeling the pain ravage his body. "Baby?"

"Yes my love."

"Marry me."


I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as
Your heart and soul is
And lay you down on a bed of roses

To be continued ...

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