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The Flame - Chapter 8

TITLE: THE FLAME – Chapter 8
WARNINGS: Implied sexual content.
A/N: This is not the end of the fiction there are many more chapters to come! COMMENTS WELCOMED!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

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Chapter 8

“I could get used to this," smiled Edward as he snuggled next to Roy for the last few stolen moments they shared in Roy's car before they entered the military grounds.

"Get used to what my love," said Roy kissing the top of his lover's head.

"Waking up next to you every day."

"So could I," said Roy pulling off the road for a brief stolen kiss before returning to the highway.

Once inside the military grounds Edward took his usual seat next to the window with an outstretched hand touching Roy's outer thigh rubbing it with his index finger. Who would have thought that the loud, obnoxious Edward Elric actually had a softer side thought Roy smiling.

"What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing, just happy that's all."

"Yeah, me too."


Roy entered his office for the second day in a row in a very pleasant mood and was eager to get his work accomplished for a change with anticipation of another night of total bliss. That is until the information he found amid his paperwork which meant that tonight would not be one of bliss but of loneliness once again.


"Yes Colonel!"

"I need to you hunt down Fullmetal and his brother and tell them to report to my office as soon as possible."

"Right away sir," replied a nervous Fuery as he left to complete his orders practically running over Hughes on his way out.

"Looking for Fullmetal?" smiled Hughes.

"Yes. It seems I have a mission he maybe very interested in pursuing."

"Is that right."

"All right Maes out with it. You obviously have something eating away at you or you wouldn't have shown up so early to annoy me," smirked Roy.

"I am so glad you asked that Roy cause I have some pictures to show you ..."

"Oh no, not again, I mean I'd love to see your latest pictures of my darling little niece."

Handing Roy the stack of photos a look of surprise came over his face and then broad smiles. "So that was what you and Al were up to last night?"

"Well I figured you might want some memories of last night to keep in your little box of memories," smiled Hughes. "I am sure you haven't added anything to that old wooden box in quite some time now."

"No I haven't actually. This will be a very good addition to the memories I already have in there. Thank you."

"You are most welcome my friend. By the way when are you going to tell Ed about us?"

"I don't know Maes. I know I have to tell him. I just haven't figured out the right time to bring it up."

"Well if he will be away for a while it will give you time to think it over on when and how you will tell him. Remember if you want me there it's not a problem, besides Al already has suspicions."

"He does? How..."

"Best to keep in mind Roy that Edward is not the only genius in the family," smiled Hughes as he walked out of Roy's office.


"You wanted to see us Colonel?" asked the blonde alchemist.

"Fullmetal, Alphonse come on in," smiled the Colonel leaving Havoc and the gang in shock once again.

"Lieutenant Fuery said you have a mission to send us out on," said Al excitedly.

"Yes as a matter of fact I do. One that I think will make both of you very eager to get started on right away. Which gentlemen and Lieutenant Hawkeye if you wouldn't mind giving me some privacy as this is a matter I need to discuss with the boys alone."

"Uh, sure thing Colonel," remarked Havoc suspiciously as he and the rest of the troop exited the office.

"I wonder what that is all about," announced Breda.

"Something's up, for sure. Two days in a row the Colonel and Fullmetal have been civil with each other," mused Havoc.

"Why don't you boys give it a rest," said Hawkeye. "Isn't it possible that it is time for them to act like men and not play these childish games. Something the lot of you should take note of."

Grumbling amongst each other it was obvious that Hawkeye's ridicule was not well received.


"Why did you ask them all to leave?" asked Alphonse curiously.

"Quite simple this mission has a very positive lead on the Philosopher's Stone," smiled Mustang.

"Are you serious," said Ed.

"Extremely. It is reported that there are alchemist trying to develop the stone in a town called Xenotime. I do not know who that is for you two to find out. I will remind you that it maybe another false lead but somehow I think this one looks promising."

"Thank you Colonel," smiled Ed hopefully and sad at the same time. "How long do you think this mission will take?"

"That will depend on what you find Fullmetal."

"I understand."

There was a tense moment of silence. "Well if we are going to be gone for a few weeks I need to get Breda to stock me up on some good reading material," said Al as he ran out the room leaving the two of them alone.

"Why did this have to come up now. I mean I am glad for the tip but, I, I don't want to leave you not yet," Edward replied with tears welling up in his eyes.

"Oh baby, come here," Roy said soothingly as he took his young lover in his arms. Stroking his lover’s hair he replied, “Go do what you have to do and focus on your work. When it is all done I will be here waiting for you."


"I promise, my love," as they kissed and held each other close for not knowing when they would be together again.


They had been on the train for only a few hours but it had already seemed like weeks to Ed. He was quiet, unusually quiet so Al decided to try to lighten the mood.

“Brother you are awfully quiet for a change. Is something bothering you about this mission?”

“What makes you think that Al?” keeping his eyes focused to the countryside view from his window seat.

“Well either you had a bad night last night with the Colonel, which I seriously doubt, OR you miss him already.”

“Al you are so nosy do you know that. I bet it’s from hanging around Colonel Hughes so much. He’s a bad influence on you,” gruffed Ed.

“No he isn’t!”

“Yes, he is. I mean come on Al last night you two played “detectives” following me and Roy all around town. Whatever on earth for to get a good view at your brother sucking at sex.”

“Brother you do not suck at sex.”

“How would you know.”

“Well thankfully not from a personal stand point and besides if you did suck at sex then why is the Colonel so happy all the time. I mean he is a totally different person than when we first met him. He’s got it bad for you brother, real bad.”

“Stop it Al you’re embarrassing me!”

“Ok, I’ll stop the questions for now, but you still owe me a detailed account of last night.”


“Oh and here is a little present that my bad influence and I took for you last night.”

“What is it?”

“Look and see,” Alphonse handed over several pictures of Ed with Roy and some of Roy alone. “I thought you might want to keep these when you are away from him, it will help make the distance less painful.”

“Al, you are the best perverted brother anyone could ever have,” smiled a teary eyed Edward looking over and over at the pictures keeping the one of Roy kissing him closest to his heart.


He arrived at home alone for the fifth night in a row. He missed Ed terribly and the pain was not subsiding. He was afraid to be alone again tonight, but he would. No one could find out, not now.

He took a warm shower to relax and soothe his aching muscles from the long, lonely and tedious day it had been. After sitting on his empty bed for a few moments he decided to read some of the novel he started a couple of days ago as he went into the living room to his sofa just in case he drifted off.

He decided to light the candles on the mantel to make him feel better, and the fireplace a low light. Yes that would be nice he thought. Although Edward wasn’t there the beauty of what this room held almost a week ago was still fresh in his heart. The smooth skin, the long silky blonde hair, and the delicious kisses, oh how he craved one now. Snuggling into the sofa he began to read until he drifted off to sleep.

There was a loud crash. Bright lights and screams, horrible screams, then there was the smell of gunpowder and blood fresh blood. His chest tightened he could barely breathe, his head was spinning, he felt ill horribly ill. It won’t stop, why won’t it stop. He felt something cold and sickening as he hit the floor sobbing uncontrollably, not again please not again he cried choking, and gagging on the unknown.

He crawled to the phone and dialed the number and said the two words only one person could understand, “Help me,” sobbing he hung up the phone.


"What do you think you are trying to do," announced the tall blonde boy.

"Us, what about you, you fake alchemist," screamed Edward.

"Fake, oh I doubt that. My father was an alchemist and so am I," announced the fake one.

"Really well do you have one of these you fake," smirked Ed showing off his state watch.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the real Fullmetal Alchemist," smiled the fake.

"Yes it is, and who the fuck are you?" demanded Edward.

Walking up to Edward the tall blonde leaned down into his ear and whispered, "Russell, Russell Tringham. Don't forget the name cause I will be calling upon you soon sexy."

"What the fuck did you just say," screamed Edward backing away from the tall blonde.

"Oh come on now Edward you are one hot little number I'd love to fuck right here right now."

"Stay away from me you, you freak!"

"Oh I am not a freak, just gay like you are ..."

"I am not fucking GAY!"

"Oh really, you may not act it sweetie but you are," as Russell moved in closer pinning Ed to the wall. His lips close to Ed's, "So give up some of that sweet ass of yours," planting a kiss on Ed's mouth and slipping his hand down Ed's pants to get a good feel.

Pushing Russell off of him he screamed, "Don't you ever fucking do that again you hear me you fucking bastard!"


"No! I have someone. That someone I love more than my own life you asshole."

"But he isn't here now is he?"

"No he isn't."

"Who would know?"

"I would and I would never do that to him. So keep your filthy hands off of me and go find someone else's cock to suck."

"Calm down sexy I was only playing," smirked Russell, "But you are one hot number I'd love to taste someday."

"Never! I just want to know about the Philosopher's Stone."

"Not without a taste you won't get anything out of me."

"Brother!" cried the two figures in the entranceway.



"What's going on," asked Fletcher to his brother.

"Nothing," said Russell, "The Fullmetal Alchemist would like to get our research on the Philosopher's stone. I told him he couldn't have it."

"Why not brother? Once you complete what our father started you know we will be thrown to the street, he'll make sure of it, so why not tell them what we know,"

"Please, uh ..."


"Yes please Russell. We need this information. It's very important to us," cried Alphonse.

"Talk to your brother he knows the conditions," smirked Russell once again.

A swift crack came against the back of Russell's head as a huge armored man lay him smack down on the floor face down. "My brother will not compromise what he has for your pleasure. Tell us what we want to know or I will break both of your arms and perhaps some other body parts you may need," stressed Al.

Needless to say the Tringham brothers were very cordial and accommodating thereafter.


"Baby brother I love you soooo much," cried Ed sitting in Al's lap and hugging him, "Even if the information wasn't complete to make the stone it was still a positive lead."

Holding his older brother as the train departed from Xenotime he said thoughtfully, "Brother, I love you too. I heard what Russell was asking of you and I know for a fact how much you love the Colonel and I will never ever let anyone take that away from you ever. Everything you do brother is for me and well the Colonel now too and for that I will always protect you. I may just be a suit of armor ..."

"Yeah but you can really kick some serious ass," laughed Ed, "You kept that horny toad away from me the entire three weeks we were there.

"I was pretty good wasn't I. Well you have yet to beat me at sparring yet."

"That is true. Which reminds me it has been awhile since we sparred. We should do that when we get back to Central."

"Don't you do enough of that with the Colonel?"

"Here we go again. Okay what do you want to know now," said Ed rolling his eyes.

"Nothing you don't want to tell me," said Alphonse rather aloof.

"Well there is something I do need to ask you about."

"Ask me? Ok. What about?"

"Well Roy and I did this incredible new thing called 69. It was so awesome, Al, but why exactly is it called 69."

Al placed his brother on the seat across from him as he removed a briefcase from one of the overhead compartments and produced a large assortment of cheap magazines and books. "Welcome to my library brother. Now what subject matter you would like to discuss this evening," said a delighted Alphonse Elric as Ed's mouth dropped to the floor.

I'm going crazy, I'm losing sleep
I'm in way too deep over you
You'll always be the one
You were the first, you'll be the last

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