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The Flame - Chapter 6

TITLE: THE FLAME – Chapter 6
WARNINGS: Strong sexual content.
A/N: I am a highly musically motivated person which is what makes me write from a verse of a song or the entire song springs inspiration into my mind. This is not the end of the fiction there are many more chapters to come! COMMENTS WELCOMED!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

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Chapter 6

“So I take it things went well last night,” asked Hughes as he entered Roy’s office.

“Well? Well! Maes my boy let me just say to you my dear friend that I will never beg you to give me one of your champion blowjobs for the rest of my days. Edward is better at fellatio than you and that my friend is a fact.”

“THAT good, huh? Well what can I say when you’re in love everything is better,” smiled Hughes.

“No not better. FANTASTIC!” smiled Roy as he swung in his chair like a kid. “Hey wait a minute how did you KNOW that I was with Ed last night? The last you knew was I was working late. Come on Hughes fess up.”

“Guilty as charged. It was simple really.”

“Oh and how’s that.”

“When I called you last night …”

“Oh yeah, thanks a lot you idiot for ruining the moment. You can be such a loon sometimes Maes.”

Ignoring the loon comment, “As I was saying, when I called you last night you tipped me off.”


“Yes you.”

“How could I? I never once mentioned Ed’s name or that someone was at my home.”

“You didn’t have to.”

“Ok I’m confused.”

“As usual.”


“Alright calm down. You see when I make the “emergency” calls to lure you away from the ladies you are always professional and I quote, (a-hem) “Why thank you Lieutenant Colonel Hughes for alerting me of this situation. I shall meet you at headquarters in approximately 10 minutes.” “Last night you were frantic and couldn’t wait to get rid of me, so I knew you had finally seduced the little devil.”

Laughing Roy replied, “Maes what would I do without you?”

“I don’t know it seems I have some pretty stiff competition now,” smiled Hughes.

“I have to confess that I never thought I would find someone after you. You were the love of my life, I mean that sincerely. But with Edward, he is my heart, my soul, my life, my breath, my …”


“Yes everything!”

“So tell me, how did the Mighty Mustang lure Edward into bed? I imagine he must have put up one hell of a fight,” laughed Hughes.

“Well actually he was the one who seduced me,” smirked Roy.

“Say that again.”

“Ed seduced me right here in my office last night. He actually hid under my desk and gave me a blowjob right here, at first I thought it was one of the secretaries trying to trap the Mustang but instead it was him. HIM!”

“Roy don’t take this the wrong way but how far did it go last night?”

“If you are wondering if we went all the way, no we did not. I respect Ed more than that. If you recall our first time was after a few erotic nights of exploration. He’s a virgin and I would never hurt him in any way. I want to take it slow, teach him to be a perfect lover. Nothing should be rushed. Besides we have all the time in the world now that the ice has been broken. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Good that is a load off of my mind. I should have never doubted you Roy but I know sexual frustration and my friend you had it big time.”



“Just because Ed and I have finally moved into the next step. It doesn’t mean that I will ever forget about us. I have always loved you Maes, I always will, but now that love is different.”

“I understand.”

“You do?”

“Yes, because it is exactly how I felt about you after I met Gracia.” Maes hugged his best friend and former lover. “ I love you Roy, that will never change, be happy you deserve it. I will be sure to keep my word by keeping you and Ed safe.”


“Al! Al where are you?” cried an overly excited Edward Elric.

“I’m over here brother,” responded the suit of armor sitting peacefully in the corner of their dormitory room looking out the window.

“Al, he, he …”

“Loves you?”

“Well I wouldn’t go so far to say that quite yet, but a strong like would be a yes!” smiled the excited young man hugging his huge metal brother. “Oh Al, it was perfect. I love you little brother.”

“I love you too brother. So what happened.”

“Huh, well I can’t tell you THAT, its, its private.” blushed Ed.

“Private my ass!”


“Look I didn’t put up with your mood swings, and endless rants for nothing. I want the facts. Come on brother spill them.”

“Well … we kissed a lot, and touched a lot.”

“Geez Ed you are so frustratingly annoying at times. Did you fuck, blow him or not.”

“Alphonse Elric you are one overly sexed brother do you know that. You need to stop reading all those smut books Breda lends you.”

“The hell I will. I may not be able to do it yet but when I get my old body back I am going to fuck the first girl that crosses my path!”


“What! I can’t feel anything. All I have is knowledge on my side and strength. But you can feel and touch. I want to know that again brother and you finding the one person who can give that to you makes me happy and I want to share it with you.”

“I’m sorry Al, I guess sometimes I forget that you are just a suit of armor. To me you are my brother and no matter what you look like, I love you.”

“No need to apologize, now on with the juicy stuff. Did you give him one of the special blow jobs we prepared?”

“Alphonse my baby brother that is exactly how I landed Colonel Roy Mustang!”


There was a knock on the door as the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother entered Colonel Roy Mustang’s office.

“Good afternoon Fullmetal, Alphonse,” smiled the Colonel.

“Good afternoon Colonel,” replied Al, “I hope it is okay that I accompanied my brother sir.”

“Of course it is. I imagine you would like spending some time with the men go right ahead Al knock yourself out. Breda should be back soon he went to the store for some of his rather cheap reading material if I am not mistaken,” smirked the Colonel.

“Good afternoon Colonel,” smiled Ed pleasantly, his heart skipping beats as he looked across the room at the man behind the desk where it all began. Damn he is so hot I want to jump right now thought Ed.

“Good afternoon Colonel? You have got to be shitting me. Edward Elric has just been civil to the Colonel? What’s gotten in to you boss?” asked Havoc.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you are NEVER and I mean NEVER nice to the Colonel. Just the sight of him ticks you off. Why the sudden change of heart.”

“I wouldn’t say a change of heart. I just feel bad for the Colonel having to work late last night finishing all his paperwork,” said Ed in the most sympathetic voice he could muster.

“How would you know he was here late last night?” pressed Havoc.

“I saw the light on in his office last night as I was going to my dorm room and thought that Lieutenant Hawkeye must be holding a gun to his head so I decided to cut the guy some slack.”

(Nice cover up Ed, thought Roy. Can’t say that he isn’t a genius for nothing.)

“Besides I am not sure when I will be going on another mission and I thought well as long as he doesn’t throw me any rude comments about my stature, I’ll be nice.” smiled Edward.

(Oh baby for as small as you are there are some things about you that are not in the least bit tiny. Was it getting hot in here or is it just him?)

“Yeah, right.” shrugged Havoc.

“Which reminds me Fullmetal I have information I’d like to discuss with you regarding your next mission and since it is quite detailed I thought we would discuss it over dinner. Unless you have other plans,” asked the Colonel.

“Well I have to check with Al first …”

“Oh Al already has plans with me this evening,” stated Hughes as he entered the room.

“I do? Oh I mean yes I do,” said Alphonse.

“You see Elysia has been begging me to bring over the tin soldier home to play with and you know I can’t refuse anything my daughter asks of me. So I convinced Al to come on over tonight to my house for dinner,” smirked Hughes.

“That’s right brother I have plans for the evening. Sorry.”

“Ok well I guess I can have dinner with the bastard then,” grumbled Ed, “Oh and Mustang you’re paying tight ass!”

“Why Fullmetal how nice of you to notice my ass,” smirked Roy while Ed turned beet red and the rest of the office suppressed laughter.


“Well I see you brought your delightful personality with you tonight so if we may take our leave,” directing Ed to proceed him down the hall which sure the hell made Ed nervous knowing that Roy Mustang would be walking behind him and that thought made him all hot and that strange stirring was back.

They walked out of the military building into the night air, which was nice and breezy and cool. Just cool enough to be comfortable and require no heavy coat.

“Fullmetal I hope you don’t mind taking a walk to the restaurant I thought with it being such a nice night a walk would be appropriate” commented the Colonel.

“Oh, uh no that, this is fine” stumbled Edward, “I really like being outside and walking.” That was stupid thought Ed. They continued to walk in silence for fear he’d say something stupid once again, however at the corner of his eye he would steal a glance up at the Colonel and his coal dark hair flowing in the breeze. STOP IT! You idiot he’ll catch you looking at him and then what will you do?

As he continued to walk on in silence and pure fear of what to do next I mean this was their first official date, he felt a warm hand take his flesh one as they darted in the park behind large oak trees. “Colonel what are you …” but that was all that he was able to get out as warm kisses enveloped his mouth as his body was pressed to the trunk of the large tree.

“I couldn’t wait a moment longer,” gasped Roy stealing more kisses. “You are so damn irresistible.”

“Me? What about you sexy,” smiled Ed touching Roy’s hard cock beneath way too much clothing. So it wasn’t a dream after all, Roy Mustang was really crazy about him.

“Maybe we could skip dinner and go straight to dessert.”

“Oh no, uh uh, you are taking me out on a date that is if we are dating. I mean you are my boyfriend now aren’t you?”

“Boyfriend, lover, sex toy, whatever you want me to be I am yours,” planting another deep tongue fuck into Edward’s delicious mouth.

“Mmmm,” moaned Ed sucking Roy’s tongue. “We should go before we get caught, Colonel”

“I guess you are right but a little taste of dessert is never a bad thing.”


They walked most of the way hand in hand so close so no one would notice till they arrived at their destination.

“Ed we’re here,” smiled Roy regretfully releasing his young lover’s hand.

“Hmm, sorry, I was just thinking and … sorry” confessed an embarrassed Ed from his daydream.

“That’s quite alright Fullmetal. You know you can relax it’s not like I’m going to bite or anything for now,” growled the Colonel in his ear giving it a quick lick making Ed shudder.

He followed Roy into the exquisite restaurant. It was Italian and decorated with huge columns, expensive paintings and a very low-lit atmosphere. It was in the first few moments on their arrival that Ed knew he was staking him claim now and forever on Roy Mustang for good. Not only did everyone know the Colonel but also every woman in the place practically fell over themselves trying to vie for his attention and his flirtatious way with the women drove Ed insane and he tried desperately not to let it show on his face. For he knew who would be in Roy’s bed tonight HIM not them, so back off bitches he’s mine, thought Ed.

They were seated at a table in the far rear of the restaurant in a very quaint and romantic setting with candlelight on the table as well as very expensive wine. Ed’s eyes lit up when with a sexy flourish Roy snapped his fingers and lit the candles on their table.

“That was the first time I noticed you,” remarked Ed.

“What was?”

“The day I arrived in Central and you set that guy a blaze. It wasn’t what you did it was how you did it. Colonel, I mean Roy, when you use alchemy you dance.”

“I dance?”

“Yeah not a dance dance but style, sophistication and that self confidence that screams sex,” blushed Ed.

“I scream sex?”

“No you know, sexuality and damn do you ever have it and I’m so glad that I have it now too.” Edward rubbed a naked flesh foot up Roy’s leg onto his lap and left it there while his golden eyes seduced his prey across the table.

“Well, uh, Fullmetal I thought you would like Impastato’s, they have one of your favorite cuisine’s here and I’m told it is quite good.”

“Really and what exactly would that be?” looking deeply into Roy’s eyes.

“Noodles and meat sauce.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I am in fact I think that is what I would like to order tonight would that be your interest as well?”

“Sure that sounds great!”

Roy waved to the waitress to take their order. Never would he believe that a meal of noodles and meat sauce would kill the romantic air in Ed. He made a mental note to be sure to not only learn to cook it, but also to wear it one night for some erotic pleasure.

“What? What are you smiling at?”

“I never knew that I would have to compete with a plate of noodles and meat sauce for your attention.”

“Oh that well …” Promptly the foot returned to its resting place as Roy put a hand under the table to massage it licking his lips as he gazed into the eyes of the angel across the table.


These lines of lightning mean we’re never alone,
Never alone, no, no
Come on, Come on, Move a little closer
Come on, Come on, I want to hear you whisper
Come on, Come on, Settle down inside my love

Accidentally in love …


Author’s postscript note: I am not one to give lots of detail. I like to get right into the subject matter. It is neither wrong nor right just my writing style and I appreciate each and every comment that I have received. All are taken with a positive inspiration to continue. I have worked with many excellent authors, Anne Rice in particular and read many novels in my day and she is a very detailed author. I write what flows from my head to my hands and re-read for context, and use good ole Microsoft Word for grammar and spelling. Thank you for reading. Enjoy it was written for my pleasure and yours! ~Metal Rose


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