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Untitled (yeah, yeah I couldn't figure out a good title)

Title: Untitled

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1203

Challenge: For scarletmalfoy. Include: dust, spark, velvet; “So it looks like you needed it after all."

Summary: Ed thinks he knows what he needs, Roy begs to differ.

Beta Acknowledgement: magegirl8

Al was probably still at the dorms with all the dusty books they had borrowed from the state’s library. Edward was lying on his side wrapped up in soft pale blue blankets on the right side of the bed. This was unusual, as he was used to sleeping on the left side of the bed. Then again, this wasn’t his bed.

Edward risked glancing over at the other bed’s occupant, Roy Mustang. Listening to the secretaries gossip had really been a bad idea. In fact, it had been the turning point of the situation that somehow led him to his commanding officer’s bed.

Not that he had been adverse to what happened. In fact, the opposite seemed true. After all, hadn’t he been the one to kiss back and leaned into the Colonel’s arms?

Ed sighed, well there was nothing he could do about it now could he? What done was done he couldn’t change it, might as well go back to the dorms and hope that Al hadn’t put two and two together. Which he probably had so might as well hurry to the dorms so he could at least defend himself.

Ed swung his legs over the side of the bed and started to ease himself off the bed slowly. He tried to do everything with as less sound as possible, so he wouldn’t wake the other sleeping occupant.

It’s a shame that Edward doesn’t know Roy’s a light sleeper, so when an arm wrapped around his waist and pull Ed down, he landed on his back near one of Mustang’s legs . “Going somewhere?”

Edward looked up and glared. His neck was in an awkward position for looking up, but there was no way he was going to let that stop him. After all, he had been through worse, much worse. “Well I was trying to.”

Ed wiggled in Roy’s grip trying to escape so he could actually leave. After a few moments, Ed just laid there in pretend defeat. However, Roy knew when Edward was pretending and when he was not. “Given up?”

Edward narrowed his amber eyes before trying once again to leave. However, this time the Colonel had wrapped his other hand around Edward. Ed panted heavily as he lay there. “I’m going to leave.”

Roy didn’t reply immediately. The Colonel was taking his time it seems before he responded. Edward wished he really would just respond and get it over with instead of playing with Ed’s blond hair and dragging his response out. “Will you just st-”

Edward cut himself off with a groan as Roy’s fingernails scratch against his scalp. “Stop what?” Roy whispered into his ear and Ed closed his eyes and tried not to lean into Mustang’s body. Wasn’t this how he got into the whole situation in the first place? Listening to Roy’s voice that was smooth as velvet and made promises that sounded so perfect.

Too perfect.

“Why did you do it?” Edward finally asked with only a slight hitch in his voice.
Roy wove his hands through Ed’s blond hair for several moments before replying. “You look like you needed it.”

Ed glared. “I know what I need! I don’t need you to tell me what I need!”

Roy smiled or perhaps it was a smirk. Ed didn’t really think Mustang was capable of smiling. “Really? You looked like you needed it last night.”

Edward felt a blush break out across his face and Roy’s smirk wasn’t helping. “It wasn’t like that.”

Roy gave him a slightly amused look and moved his face closer. “Oh, what was it like then?”

Ed blushed even harder. “That’s none of your business.”

Mustang laughed, pulled his face away and released his grip on the smaller alchemist. Edward quickly scampered away to the other side of the bed to put some space between the two of them. Roy seemed amused by Edward’s action, but made no motion to move closer. Still, Ed eyed him warily.

“I wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t want,” Mustang reassured Edward.

Edward just stared in disbelief. “I don’t believe you.”

Roy raised his eyebrows while, Ed try to muster up some courage. “I want to leave then.”

Roy looked at Edward for several terse moments. “You of course, are free to leave whenever you like.”

Edward narrowed his amber eyes. “What’s the catch?”

Roy looked amused at Edward’s actions. “Catch?”

Edward gave a swift nod. “Yes, the catch? There is always a catch with you.”

Roy just smirked. “No catch Edward but...”

Ed sighed. “But what?”

Roy just smirked. “I don’t think you do want to leave or at least not really.”

Edward just stared with his mouth wide open. “What do you mean, I don’t want to leave? Last time I checked I knew what I wanted!”

“Of course you know what you want,” Roy explained. “You just like to pretend that you know what you want. When really you just don’t know what you need.”

Edward stared blankly as Mustang reached over and grasped one of Edward’s hands. Roy smiled or something that was closed enough to a smile, in Edward’s books and kiss Ed’s hand. Ed almost jerked his hand away in reflex but hadn’t been able to hide the hitch in his breath.

“Why don’t you move closer?” Roy asked and it seemed that the soft, velvet, voice was like honey and Edward really started to wish it wasn’t. The voice meant that Edward did some really stupid things without much forethought - not that most things he did were well-thought out - but this was the worst.

“Isn’t this much better,” Roy whispered in Ed’s ear. Ed wiggled under Roy’s arms slightly before giving a slight nod. There wasn’t really much else he could do since he didn’t trust himself to speak quite yet.
Roy dipped his head to Edward’s neck and kissed the kiss that was around the joint that connected Ed’s neck to his collarbone. Ed hissed and titled his head back as far as he could.

Roy moved his lips down and then back up Edward’s neck, switching between kissing, biting and sucking at the skin.

Edward’s fingers were digging into the skin of Roy’s arms and the blond didn’t seem to be having any complaints with what Roy was doing. “Don’t stop,” Ed managed to say between groans. Roy couldn’t keep the smirk off his face.


Edward lay there panting on the bed and definitely didn’t have any plans on going anywhere.
Roy couldn’t help but smirk. “So it looks like you needed it after all.”

Ed threw a pillow at him but it was a weak attempt and he missed. The Colonel laughed and Edward decided then and there he was going to get revenge. He was going to get revenge on Mustang once the man stopped raking his fingernails against his scalp.

He was going to get his revenge by using the bastard’s gloves too, that would make a spark that would rival the sparks the bastard made with his gloves and Edward was going to enjoy every moment of it. Revenge was sweet after all.

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