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Title: A Day At The Fair (lame, I know, but eh...)
Rating: PG (and I don't think I've ever written anything PG before..)
Word Count: 1979
Challenge: for techno_beat, who wished for animal, ribbon, panda, and "It's not my fault you're insane!"
Summary: Umm... well, this is my VERY FIRST ROYxED ever, and I was late doing it so I rushed a lot more than I wanted to so I'm not at all happy with this. It's pretty much straight forward fluff. 'Nuff said.

Roy sighed, tapping his pen repeatedly against the desk in frustration. One more report. Just one more, and he’d be done. Then he could join in the festivities with the rest of his subordinates, who seemed to have abandoned him here.

The military fair was today, and the largest training field, which happened to be right outside of Roy’s window, had been transformed. He stole a glance outside the window behind his desk, where he could see the fairground’s activity in full swing.

There was a ferris wheel, a carousel, and a few spinny rides that he was sure Ed would be dragging him on to later. There were booths for games and for carnival food. Roy was just beginning to wonder if Ed liked funnel cake (he was sure the boy did) when he became distracted from his musings by an obnoxious sound coming from the hall. It was an exceptionally high-pitched whistle, coming closer and closer to his office door. Roy set his pen down and put on his stoniest face, ready to bash this annoying intruder, and perhaps punish him by making him finish the neglected report.

What he didn’t expect was for Ed to come strolling into the office quite casually, whistling merrily, although in a slightly lower register. Roy’s stony face vanished, and he visibly relaxed, chuckling lightly to himself.

“What’s so funny, Colonel? Are you done yet? Me and Al have been waiting around in the mess hall for at least an hour, we’re getting bored.” Ed flopped down on the couch.

“I can tell. Where did you learn how to whistle?” Roy distinctly recalled Ed throwing a fit some years back, howling at Fuery and Havoc for pointing out Ed’s inability at the time.

“You’d be surprised what you can teach yourself when you are sitting around in a deserted mess hall for an hour, being bored. Can’t you just do the rest tomorrow?”

“If I want to be sufficiently reamed out and shot at, sure.”

“But Lieutenant Hawkeye is at the fair already!”

“You and Al didn’t have to wait for me, you know.” Roy picked up his pen once more and glanced through the report. It was no different than the last dozen he had just read through, except maybe a bit more bland. All it required was his signature. He thought through his options: if he just signed it, he could leave. But if the issue ever came up again, he would be at fault for not having read through the particulars. However, he did have a funny feeling that mis-alchemized cabbages were not going to be a reoccurring thing.

“Al’s not anymore.” Ed stated.

“Al’s not what?” The Colonel mumbled as he signed his name, feeling only slightly guilty.

“He’s not waiting. He decided to go on ahead with Fuery a little while ago and then I decided to come see what’s keeping you.” Ed rose from the couch and crossed the short distance to the desk, placing both hands on the surface and leaning forward, a wide eyed pleading, whiny look upon his face.

“Well, Fullmetal, I’m all done.” Roy waved the report in his face before stapling it and placing it on top of the other finished reports.

“Aww, you mean I don’t get to distract you today?” The blonde alchemist’s head tilted slightly to the right and he pouted. The Colonel raised one eyebrow.

“That’s already been accomplished.”

“What?” Ed asked wonderingly, looking so very uncharacteristically innocent.

“I’ve been distracted by you all day. See, you don’t even have to be here to distract me, Ed. So really, in the end it’s still all your fault that it’s taken me so long today.”

Ed smiled. Not his usual smirk, but a real genuine smile, and the sight was so rare that it made Roy’s stomach flip. “Are you ready?” Ed asked, gesturing towards the door.

“Yes. I’m sorry that I made you wait.” Roy stood and pushed in his chair, heading around to Ed’s side of the desk.

“And I’m sorry that just the thought of me distracted you so much that you couldn’t get your work done on time.” The frankness of Ed’s statement made Roy smile back at him, and without warning the boy had thrown himself forward and into Roy’s arms.

At first the Colonel was surprised, since such openness in the office was not a usual occurrence, but hadn’t this been the very thing he had been wishing for all day long? Everyone was gone, anyway. He welcomed the embrace and pulled Ed closer to him.

The brothers had been gone for a few weeks on another dead-end mission, and had just returned two days earlier. Roy and Ed had not really seen much of each other since then. Roy had been miserably lonely, and his bed had been kept unusually empty. It was such a strange feeling, this separation, to be missing this blond haired boy so very much. He had had a hard time concentrating at work. Come to think of it, that fact hadn’t really changed much now that Ed was back.

“About tonight…” Roy began, murmuring into Ed’s hair. He felt a shiver pass through the younger boy.

“Can I sleep over?” Ed whispered excitedly, eyes widening anxiously at the prospect. He looked up at Roy, and the Colonel could feel his knees growing weak under the intense golden stare. For what must have been the hundredth time in the passed few months, Roy questioned his sanity. He truly was falling head over heels. Who would ever believe that the untamed, unbridled, seducer of women near and far, was finally and completely in love?

Roy leaned forward quite fluidly and brought his lips close to Ed’s, so that they were touching but just barely. It was such a soft, comforting, torturous feeling as Roy brought one hand behind Ed’s head and the other wrapped around his waist, pulling Ed’s body closer to his own. Both of Ed’s arms went to encircle the Colonel’s waist as their lips came together in a rush, almost a battle of wills. Roy finished the kiss a bit roughly, and Ed sighed somewhere deep in his throat when he pulled away.

“You may,” Roy answered simply, with one eyebrow raised enticingly. Ed smiled knowingly, placing a single kiss on the Colonel’s cheek.

“Great! I’m starved. Do you think they’ll have anything to eat at the fair?” Ed asked, and Roy took his hand, their tender embrace to be reconciled later on. They headed out of the office together.

“Edward, the only thing I’m worried about is that they won’t have enough food for you.”


It was nearing midnight when Roy realized it was finally time to leave. He had been about to ask Ed if he wanted one more go on any of the rides, but Ed’s head was resting on the picnic table, and he was using his chocolate ice cream cone as a pillow. To one side of Ed sat Alphonse and Winry, who were deep in an animated discussion about… something. Roy couldn’t quite understand their words, as laughter seemed to overtake them after each syllable. Yes, indeed it was time to take the slap-happy pair and his exhausted lover home.

To the other side of Ed, seated at the picnic table, was a gigantic stuffed panda bear. It was nearly the size of Ed, but so far nobody had had the guts to point that out to him just yet. He had won the animal in the pie eating contest, as well as the first prize ribbon. Ed had taken one glance at the ribbon and then handed it nonchalantly over to Roy.

“Why are you giving me this?” Roy stared at the ribbon in his hands, puzzled.

“I’ve seen it.

“Don’t you want to keep it? You won!”

“Can you hold it for me, Colonel?” Ed winked suggestively while pie was still plastered to his face. Roy laughed, placing the ribbon in an inner pocket for safe keeping. The boy seemed much more excited about his large stuffed animal than he did about the ribbon or about anything else that day, for that matter. The bear replaced Roy on the spinny rides, which Roy hadn’t minded at all.

At one point during the day, Al and Roy were seated at the picnic table together, watching Ed, Winry and the bear in the distance, waiting in line for a ride.

“Having a good time, Al?”

“Oh, yes. This is mine and Ed’s first fair, you know. We never had anything like this in Risembool. There wouldn’t have been enough people.” The suit of armor seemed to smile upon his fond memories.

Off in the distance, there was a distinctive Ed-yell, and the distinctive sound of a wrench being slammed into his head. Roy and Al looked towards the scene with amusement.


“Edo, I came all the way out here to spend time with you and I spent all this time waiting in line to ride this with you, AND THAT BEAR IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ME SIT ALONE!!”


“It does not, you big baby!”


“Colonel?” Al asked, holding back laughter. Roy smirked and turned to him.

“Yes, Al?”

“How in the world do you put up with Brother? I know he’s always been apt to become obsessive about things… but the truth is, since he’s been with you, it’s been happening… a lot more often.”

“Really? How so?” Roy asked, and Al started to answer, but – “Wait, are you saying that THAT,” he inclined his head to his spectacle of a boyfriend, “the way he’s being, is my fault?”

“Well, um... do you know what the bear’s name is?”

“Do I want to know?”

At that moment, Ed scrambled to a halt in front of Roy, swinging the panda bear behind him. Winry followed behind with her arms crossed, staring at Ed the whole time with an evil glare upon her face.

Ed grudgingly kicked at the grass and looked up at Roy, holding the poor panda by the arm fiercely. He seemed to be forcing himself to hold the bear out to Roy.

“You don’t want me to keep this too, do you?” Roy asked incredulously.

“Will you look after Roy Bear for me? Just for now?” Ed said through gritted teeth. Al giggled somewhere off to the side, and Winry seemed pleased. Roy took Roy Bear and set him down on the grass beside him.

“Sure, Ed. Ed?”


“Just so we are clear on this, it’s NOT my fault you’re insane.” Roy nodded, seeming to have convinced himself, as Al burst into tinny laughter beside him. Ed just looked confused, but it passed, and Winry grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the line.


Roy had invited Winry and Al to spend the night too. He had many spare bedrooms, and as Winry was only in town for a short time, he wanted them all to spend as much time together as possible.

Winry was now passed out cold in the back seat, leaning back against Al on the seat next to her. Ed was up front with Roy, cradling Roy Bear and leaning his head against the window. His cheek was still covered in chocolate ice cream. Roy sighed, knowing he would have to stick Ed in the bathtub before he let the boy share his bed. He smiled to himself then, plotting ways of hiding Roy Bear while Ed was in there… because while being replaced by the bear on sickening rides was acceptable, Roy would absolutely not stand for being replaced in his own bedroom.


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