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almost dead

Title: almost dead
Rating: 2 stars out of 5, oh wait wrong thing, umm R because I don’t feel like thinking about it
Word Count: 1,432
LJ Username: moonygirl
Keywords: Obsession, Protective, Exposed
Dialogue: “Last time I let you go off on your own you almost got yourself killed.”
Summary: a nocturnal encounter

wow first fic like no pressure or anything

He hated it when Ed got hold of these little obsessions. Sometimes Ed would stumble over an idea and spend the next three days holed up with a stack of books. He worked out not only a more elaborate understanding of how the principle worked but usually a new ways of using it that had astounding practical applications. For all the good it did, Roy still found it damned annoying to have to drag his lover to bed only to have Ed escape once he went to sleep. It was 4 a.m. and even geniuses needed to sleep at some point, even if they didn’t think so.
Roy watched from the doorway as golden eyes scanned a book, then a page of notes, then the black board on the opposite wall. He waited for Ed to start on his next note before interrupting.
“I’m beginning to think you need to be chained to the bed.” The timing was perfect. Ed had jumped almost out of his skin and a nice splotch of ink stood out on the page where his careful notes should have been.
“Fuck Roy, this is important.”
“And it will still be important tomorrow. Come back to bed.”
“I’ll be there in a bit. I just want to finish this.”
“If it’s just for a bit I’ll wait.” Roy said as he moved around the desk to sit opposite Ed. There was some grumbling from the far side of the desk, but no real complaints. He read a few of the titles and waited for the scratching of Ed’s pen to stop.
“Is it just me or have you been doing more of these little ‘projects’ lately.”
“hmmmm, Maybe. I’ll ask the next time I’m in the library” He said absently thumbing through the index of one of the thicker books.
“They keep track of your research projects for you?”
“Apparently, Last time I was there they were joking about how if I kept it up there would hardly be a book left in central I haven’t glossed or added an appendix to by the time I’m 35.”
“Provided you managed to keep yourself alive that long.”
“Not this again.” Fullmetal said rolling his eyes.
“What? I’m just saying; you don’t take very good care of yourself.” Roy shrugged attempting to pass the comment off as casual.
“Like I’d need to, have you met my overprotective brother, or my overprotective boyfriend for that matter?” Ed looked up briefly before glaring back down at his notes.
“I’m not overprotective.”
“Yeah, that must be why I haven’t left central in months without half a fucking regiment.”
“Last time I let you go off on your own you almost got yourself killed.”
“That was not almost killed, almost killed involves more than a couple broken bones and some blood loss.”
“You mean like a severe concussion and pneumonia, or first degree burns and automail so badly deformed it has to be cut off with a welding torch.” Ed stared Roy down for a moment before going back to his notes trying to ignore the look Roy was giving him. It was the look designed to induce guilt.
“Why don’t you just go back to bed. I’ll be done with this in a bit.”


He’d be damned if he got out of bed three times in one night for that stupid childish ass. Honestly if Ed didn’t feel the need to take care of himself what the hell was he supposed to do about it? If Ed was stubborn enough to go with out sleep or food he wasn’t going to waste his time worrying about it. He would be asleep already if this damn pillow wasn’t so lumpy.


It’s not like he wanted to die in some battle, he didn’t have a death wish. He just felt like he was doing something useful when he went out on missions. If only Roy got that he did better when he didn’t have a bunch of idiots following him around, all of whom were terrified of going back to Central and explaining to The Flame Alchemist how his boyfriend got a hangnail. How the hell was he supposed to do anyone any good if he wasn’t allowed to do anything.
He could damn well take care of himself. He had done it for years, fighting every sort of monster you could imagine. Pushing himself to be that much faster and that much tougher than the other guy, and now he was just sitting around warming the bench.
Ed got up and started pacing in front of his chalkboard. Didn’t Roy get that those we’re isolated occurrences and that normally he didn’t come home with more than a couple scratches. That he didn’t need people to protect him. He wasn’t some little kid, hell even when he was a little kid he could still take care of himself.


Roy was surprised when Ed entered the bedroom and slid under the covers. He tried to loop an arm around Ed but he wriggled to the very edge of the bed.
“What are you mad about?” Roy asked with an exhausted sigh.
“You treating me like a child.” Ed really was sexy when he glared.
“I’m not a pedo Ed. I don’t fuck children.”
“That doesn’t seem to keep you from treating me like a child.”
“How do I treat you like a child? I certainly don't talk baby talk or wipe your nose for you.”
“You don’t send me out on missions like I use to. The only time I’m let out of Central I have to take a whole troop of babysitters with me. And that‘s only when you can‘t find somebody else to do it.”
“You’re a very valuable military asset. We can’t afford to have Edward Elric, ‘The People’s Alchemist’ killed in action by some loony with a few pet chimaeras.”
“I won’t stay the people’s alchemist for long at this rate.”
“Sure you will, you’re a living legend. Actual people only get in the way of legends.”
“That’s besides the fact that I’m not going to die if you send me out on my own. I’ve survived a lot too get this far.”
“So why would you want to go out and test your luck even further?”
“It’s not luck it’s skill.” Ed said sulkily.
“You know just as well as I do that it’s better to be lucky than good.”
“Damn it Roy. None of these are good enough reasons to keep me cooped up here.” It seemed Ed’s patience had worn out and it was time for Roy to come clean.
“Why on earth would I send you away if I didn’t have to? Why would I chose to spend my nights alone in this bed wondering if you were still alive?” It was the truth and saying it out loud left him feeling exposed. But Ed seemed to get it. His glare softened and he scooted closer to the middle of the bed.
“I should still go on more missions than I have recently. Without the entourage.”
“Because I’m getting bored and, I’m good at it.”
"Boredom is not a good enough reason to endanger a valuable military asset."
"You know I don't have to be a military asset. I've never made a very good soldier."
"We have soldiers aplenty. I assure you the Artiamis army would sorely miss it's only PR goldmine. I know you never meant to Ed but you've created an image the army needs right now."
"None of that changes the fact the your 'peoples alchemist' needs to go out among the people."
"Fine, but if I get a all from some local sheriff’s deputy saying he's got a kid with a state alchemist's watch and a concussion I'm going to lock you in the library until you can't even remember what the sky looks like."
"I'll keep that in mind." Ed said grinning over his victory.
"I'm serious Ed."
"I know you are. It's the perfect excuse to have hot library sex. Fucking dirty old man." Ed shifted closer to Roy and practically wound himself around him.
“You have to call a lot." Roy admonished.
The sure he got in reply might have been more reassuring if it hadn't been mumbled against his throat as metal fingers trailed over his chest.
"And be good.” Roy said giving in to a very persuasive Ed.
“How good?” Ed asked pressing himself against a Roy.
“Very good” Roy all but purred, pulling of what little clothing there was on them off.
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