March 27th, 2006

Cat -- what is that you have '_'


What's this? Only one other person has posted their fic so far? O: Gasp! And so, here comes Techno to offer her own fic to her fellow Roy x Ed fans. <3 Also, I would have posted this yesterday, but another migraine kept me sleeping the day away. Anyways. The fic.

Honestly? I had too much fun writing this. And oh dear, I do believe I've made our Roy into some sort of masochist.

Title: Cat and Mouse
Rating: PG-13 because of language.
Genre: Humor. I was going to say fluff at first, but unless you consider Ed throwing flower pots at Roy fluffy, then this isn't really fluff. Also slightly cracky due to the fact I was totally high off Pepsi and nail polish when I wrote it.
Word Count: 1,176.

And the challenge was...!
LJ User: bscl43
Keywords: Spite, banana, automobile.
Dialogue: "You know that that's bad for you right?"

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