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Like Moths to Flame - Chapter 9

TITLE: Like Moths to Flame – Chapter 9
PAIRING: Roy x Ed, Hughes x Gracia
Note: There are characters in Xing that are of my own imagination for making of an interesting storyline. Enjoy! Comments always welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

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Chapter 9

He crawled on the floor to reach his lover who was taking in the beautiful sight of erotic eye candy that the delicious blonde was providing. Slowly he undressed his lover taunting him with his own nakedness. Once they were both naked he pressed his body atop his lover’s. He sighed as he planted a slow deep tongue kiss on the soft waiting lips.


“My sexy Colonel, KISS I want to KISS love you.”


“Please KISS I beg you KISS to.”


“Only KISS one KISS rule.”


“Anything … KISS


”You can look KISS but you cannot KISS touch me. KISS Agreed?”



“The longer KISS you resist KISS the more I KISS torture KISS you.”


“Agreed …” KISS

Edward went to the table and took the bowl of fresh strawberries and the chocolate syrup. He returned to his lover who had out stretched hands ready and waiting.

“Ah ah my Colonel, no touching.”

“Oh but this is going to be so hard,” whined Roy. “You know how much I love to touch you.”

“I know my Colonel. Your fingers stroked my soft blonde curls down below during the entire tea party.”

“Which is exactly why I want you now!”

“Lie back and stretch out your arms so you cannot touch me.”


“Colonel behave and do as you are told.”

“Oh all right,” pouted Roy as he lay on the floor completely spread eagle and so damn horny his cock hurt.

Edward bent down kissing Roy softly on the lips. He took a strawberry and dipped it in the warm chocolate then traced Roy’s lips with the chocolate covered strawberry. Once satisfied he took a bite of the strawberry then offered the remaining to Roy who ate it eagerly.

“Am I allowed to speak?”

“Yes,” smirked Edward as he took another chocolate dipped strawberry and traced it on one of Roy’s hard nipples.

“Ohhh …”

Edward bent down to suck the chocolate covered nipple as Roy was fed another strawberry.

“Mmmm … Colonel you are delicious,” moaned Edward repeating the previous task with more chocolate this time.

“Haa … you little … ahh … devil,” groaned Roy from the erotic torture that he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Edward straddled Roy giving Roy the impression that Edward would guide his aching cock inside him, however Edward was a pro at teasing Roy.

Edward poured chocolate on his own cock as Roy watched the tantalizing sight. Roy was always up for a new adventure and it seemed Edward was as well.

“Do you want to taste me now?”

“Fuck yes,” cried Roy.

“Lie back,” smiled Edward as he straddled Roy’s face guiding his chocolate covered cock in Roy’s mouth.

Roy was in heaven as his lover entered his drooling mouth. He licked Edward’s slit that was leaking pre cum along with the chocolate made Roy rock hard. He sucked Edward’s head clean of the chocolate syrup as Edward began the slow steady movement in and out of his lover’s mouth.

“Yes my Colonel, suck me dry.”

Unable to move all Roy could do was devour more of the delicious cock he was fed till Edward was completely in his mouth feeling Edward’s taut sack against his chin.

It was time for Edward to moan feeling his entire cock surrounded by Roy’s warm mouth that continued the sucks and licks driving him wild. He managed a couple of more full deep thrusts then his passion flowed hard and fast down his lover’s throat.

Breathing heavy he took a few moments to remove himself from Roy’s unending sucks and licks that was making him hard once again. He worked his way down Roy’s body lying atop him as he stole some deep long tongue kisses from his perfect lover.

“Incredible. Fucking incredible,” sighed Edward kissing Roy deeper and harder while his hands groped the immobile Colonel hungrily. “Roy why won’t you touch me,” moaned Edward.”

“You made me promise not to,” smirked the Colonel.

“Well do it now please,” whined Edward.




“Santo I think funny one and his wife will have a lovely time in the bath house tonight. I can only hope he will satisfy his lovely lady.”

“I am sure that he will be the perfect prince,” smiled Santo.

“Shhh …”

“Don’t shush me you over grown ox,” growled Santo.

“No, no my love listen,” smiled Kido deviously as they both pressed their ears to the tearoom door.

“You told me not to touch you no matter what, so I am not going to touch you.”

“Roy but I am telling you that it is ok now,” sighed Edward rubbing Roy’s chest and planting kisses all over his chest, neck and face. “Please!”

“Baby you gave me direct orders not to touch you and I always obey direct orders especially when they are from you.”

“But you love to touch me, you are always pawing at me and fingering me. Roy, please don’t be mad at me,” said a desperate Edward.

“I am not mad just lying here waiting for you to love me.”

“You bastard! How can you be so cruel,” sniffed Edward fearing that he had really upset his lover. He thought that Roy was offended by the way he was forced to suck him off and this put a gripping fear in Ed’s chest.

Through emerging tears Edward began to kiss his way down Roy’s chiseled body till he reached Roy’s hard red cock. He had upset Roy and had to make it up to him. Why did he always fuck up everything when this was supposed to be a perfect afternoon.

Slowly he took Roy in his mouth and began to suck through slight sobs. It was then that Roy sat up and took Edward in his arms and kissed him deeply. He took the chocolate syrup and dipped his finger in it then slowly entered his lover making Edward gasp in pleasure.

“I love you baby, never doubt my love for you,” smiled Roy as he kissed his lover deeper.

“I … thought I … made … you … angry,” sobbed Edward hugging Roy’s neck as he nibbled the bare skin.

“Never my love,” sighed Roy as his finger searched inside the delicious heaven that was his and his alone.

“Aaah … oohhh … haaa …”

Roy entered a second finger as he soon found the sweet spot that made Edward’s eyes brighten and breathing increase. He stroked faster and deeper feeling the sweetness within.

“Yeah … oh yes Roy … aahhh …”

“Come for me baby.”

“Nnhh … haa … oh my gawd … aahhh,” cried Edward as the constant pressure increased his passion. Soon he came deep and hard pressed against Roy’s stomach.

Roy stroked slowly inside the warmth as he kissed Edward through the delicious passion once again.

“So perfect, so beautiful,” sighed Roy as he held his lover tight caressing him in the afterglow.

“I didn’t make you mad?” asked Edward once again.

“No you didn’t,” sighed Roy through more breathless kisses.

“Then why wouldn’t you touch me?”

“Because I wanted you to beg,” smirked Roy.

“You fucking bastard!”

“That you love.”

“I can’t believe you made me cry and act like a baby!”

“Yes and it was so perfect …”


“My whittle baby!” laughed Roy hugging Edward tight.

“Fuck you!”

“My pleasure.”

“Ohhh … FUCK! I want you inside me NOW!” demanded Edward as Roy positioned his cock to Edward’s opening and entered his lover.

The two eccentric uncles were "innocently" listening in to the erotic pleasure coming from inside the tea room.

"If Royaku knows we are listening he will kill us," remarked Santo.

"Not my sweet Royaku. He will understand our craving to hear such beautiful sounds of love," smiled Kido.

"There is a lot more going on in there than just sounds."

"Why my love it appears you too have become aroused," grinned Kido as he rubbed his lover's inner thigh.

"KIDO! Not here!"

"Why not here? These are my private quarters are they not?"

"Well yes but ..."

He was stopped by a deep hungry kiss that he reciprocated happily.

"If you think it will be all right," smirked Santo.

"Bend over my love."

Lifting Santo's Kimono Kido touched the sweet puckered hole that he had claimed for so many years. It was not as tight as it used to be but it was the best piece of ass in the world.

He knelt on the floor to take a taste of the sweetness.

"Mmmm ... my love you haven't done that in a long time," moaned Santo.

"Well perhaps it is time," moaned Kido as his tongue slowly entered the forgotten warmth it knew so well.

Slowly he rubbed his lover's ass cheeks as his tongue once again claimed the sweetness that was his. He opened the soft cheeks as he searched deeper sending shivers up his lover's back.

"Yes ... oh yes ..."

Kido licked his way from Santo's anus to the delicious sack that was filling as he taunted it with his tongue. His lover stiffened from the erotic oral stimulation that had not been shared in some time.

"I want you now," demanded the Emperor.

"Take me your highness."

Kido stroked his hard cock feeling the pre cum at his slit as he entered his lover full and deep.

"Yes this is mine," moaned Kido as he began to stroke in and out of his lover with a heated and deep passion that he had not felt in some time.

Their heat and passion was like new as they fucked like hungry animals right there in the hallway without shame feeling like teenagers.

Kido stroked Santo's cock to the rhythm of his thrusts till they were both on the brink and came together in heated lust.

The afterglow was perfect as they sat on the floor kissing and touching each other causing more pleasure and heat. It was during this afterglow that the tea room door opened to find a half naked Roy finding his uncle's in another compromising position.

"You couldn't wait and do that in your bedroom?" asked Roy.

"Oh my sweet," smiled Kido "We would have but the sounds of love coming from the tea room put us in the mood."

"Oh, OH you mean you heard ..."

"Every kiss, sigh, oh my sweet it was breathtaking," said Uncle Kido.

"Not only breathtaking my sweet Royaku but very addictive," smiled Santo.

"Roy what was that noise?" asked Edward as Roy backed up to reveal the naked uncles on the floor causing Edward to not only blush but giggle as well.

"What is so funny my little beauty?"

"Well I guess this is your favorite, um, room for sex as well."

"Oh my sweet one, we fuck anywhere we please," smiled Santo as he got up to dress and enter the room with the two young lovers’.

"Mmmm the beautiful scent of love," smiled Kido entering the room. "Now that we are all sexually satisfied how about something to eat?"

"Good because I am starving!" exclaimed Edward.

"Yes a good fucking always makes one extremely hungry little beauty."

"Uncle don't be so crude," reprimanded Roy as he took Edward in his arms kissing him.

"Well what would you call what you were doing with the chocolate and strawberries my sweet?" asked Kido rubbing some chocolate off of Roy's nipple.



He moved his fingers in the wetness and he rubbed up and down the long warm slit. He bent down to take the inviting tongue into his mouth as his fingers continued to search the wetness.

Gracia slowly worked her hips back and forth as she rode Maes’ fingers that was probing her deeper and deeper.

“Oh Maes, this is incredible,” sighed Gracia.

“No honey you are incredible,” smiled Hughes as he crawled down her body to her sweet delicious pussy and tasted the wetness.

His tongue licked the inside of her lips soft and slowly. He can do this. He fucked Roy for years and watched the Mustang in motion. He would either pleasure his lovely wife orally or have lock jaw in the morning. He would be the perfect lover and give her the best foreplay she never dreamed imaginable.

Deeper his tongue probed her wetness steadily while his thumb placed erotic pleasure on her aching clit. She moaned beneath his touch as his free hand opened her wet lips so he could enter her delicious opening.

Gracia spread her legs open wide as her husband ate her pussy with intense passion and patience. She grabbed the sheets of the silk bed they lay upon as Maes went deeper inside her.

“Aaah … oooo … baby …”

He pushed her knees to her chest as his tongue fucked her with a steady stroke flicking her clit with each stroke. He slowly sucked her hard clit that made her shiver in delight milking it slowly knowing soon her juice would fill him.

He ran his tongue up and down her slit a final time before he re-entered the aching cunt giving his wife incredible pleasure. Maes thrusted his tongue deeper and faster as Gracia screamed spilling into Maes’ mouth in a fit of spasms and heat.

He drank her sweetness dry as he kissed his way up his wife’s body taking in her full breasts and hard nipples. As he rubbed one he suckled the other feeling her tremble and moan under his touch.

“Oh baby,” moaned Maes.

“Fuck me NOW!”

Smiling he kissed his beautiful wife as his hard cock entered her wet and inviting pussy. He began with slow long deep strokes to tease just a bit. That changed the minute Gracia began to rub her clit that put Maes in horny overdrive and began the steady pounding that they both loved when in pure lust for each other.

“Ye, yes …. Oh yes,” cried Gracia.

“Oh baby, so good and wet.”

“Harder, faster!”

Maes increased his thrusts, as his wife demanded pushing her legs up to her chest once again as his cock loved and took her completely. Arching her back she tried to get Maes deeper inside as her lust drove her to act like a whore, which of course pleased Maes.

“Come in me baby, fill my cunt with your hot cum,” cried Gracia as Maes grunted and groaned soon releasing his passion deep inside her as she spilled into his lap.

Bending down he kissed his wife long and deep. Her cunt held him deep inside milking his cock of its cum.


“Definitely a prince,” smiled Gracia “Now do it again.”


“I wonder how the frog is doing,” asked Edward as they were served dinner.

“Knowing the frog, he’s still a frog,” laughed Roy.
“Ah now my sweet be fair did the bath house not give you and little beauty the best sex recently?”

“Well we did fuck in there a lot,” blushed Edward. “It is really romantic with the candlelight, silk bed and then the warm bath.”

“Yes it is,” smiled Santo “That is why we suggested it for the frog and his lovely lady.”

“Roy when you were with Hughes was he, um, well you know romantic?” asked Edward.

“Maes does not have a romantic bone in his body, well at least not with me he didn’t. How he ever landed Gracia I don’t know but he must have done something right.”

“So in other words he wasn’t …”

“Could never be as good as you are baby.”

“Yes!” screamed Edward in victory.

“I will tell you the secret little one,” smiled Santo.

“What is it?”



“Yes you. There is an innocence, a beauty that only you possess. You are masculine but feminine at the same time. You are bold but shy, loud but quiet, happy yet sad, and although you don’t like mushy you secretly crave it. You are everything that Royaku isn’t and at the same time everything that he is.”

“You complete me Edward. With you I am whole, no longer lonely, no longer hungry you have filled the void in my life that I have had for so long I cannot imagine my life without a certain loud, obnoxious, shy, quiet, beautiful and short blonde next to me.”

“Well that’s good cause you are stuck with me Roy Mustang whether you like it or not,” grinned Edward planting a quick kiss on Roy’s lips. “My bastard!”

“Why do you call my sweet a bastard little beauty?” asked Uncle Kido.

“You don’t know why uncle?”

“Well I know he is a pompous ass …”

“That’s why. Pompous ass is too long and bastard just kind of suits him.”

“Well I am glad we all agree on how much of a bastard I am but I am getting hungry,” complained Roy.

“Me too,” smiled Edward as they each served themselves a plate of rice, fish, and noodles.

To Ed’s dismay there were no forks but chopsticks at the table that Edward had not been able to master since their arrival. Being left handed by accident Edward could not do everything with his left hand and his automail hand didn’t have any feeling so he was at a loss at what to do. He picked up the sticks with his left hand and struggled with the first piece of fish dropping it a couple of times on his plate. He was getting frustrated when Roy placed a piece of fish in his mouth from his own chopsticks.

Edward smiled and ate happily but unknown to Roy he had just created a monster. Edward decided to snuggle up to Roy and have him feed him his dinner. Roy was unable to refuse the young blonde as he was tenderly stroking Roy’s nether hair and wasn’t about to let him stop.

“I see little beauty has you well trained already,” smirked Uncle Kido.

“Yes I would say you are whipped my sweet one,” laughed Santo as Roy continued to feed his lover.

“I could stop feeding Edward but then he would stop rubbing my dark curls surrounding my cock so I think I will continue,” grinned Roy.

“Oh my,” uttered Kido “Why don’t you do that for me?”

“Because you don’t feed me like Royaku does his lover,” snapped Santo.

“If I feed you will you touch me?” begged Kido.


“Why not?”

“First you are old enough to feed yourself. Second you already got your piece of ass.”

“Stingy bastard!”

“Perverted old man!”

“I should place you over my knee and spank you as I did Ling.”

“Oh now that I would enjoy. When shall we begin?”

“Well not now you refused to rub my cock.”

“If I suck it will it make you happy?”

“Perhaps, but after dinner I am enjoying the show too much.”

“If I suck you better spank or that will be the last blow job I ever give you.”

“Roy maybe we should just fuck right here for them think it will make them happy.”

“TOO happy so forget it.”

“Oh my sweet nephew how you hurt us so.”

“You definitely got an earful earlier so you can forget the eyeful.”

“Little beauty was right he is a bastard.”


could you whisper in my ear
The things you wanna feel
I'd give you anythin'
To feel it comin'

I wanna wake up where you are
I won't say anything at all
So why don't you slide
Ooh, slide

And I'll do anythin' you ever dreamed to be complete
Little pieces of the nothin' that fall
Put your arms around me
What you feel is what you are
And what you are is beautiful


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